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  • Last seen on my birthday :(
    answer skype idiot
    Ahh i remember when you where a member on Kit-PvP. Please come back mate, I still love you bud.
    Destruct is a pro
    We miss you :( Destruct good luck with the rest of your life <3
    Hi destruct can u read my ban appeal?
    Hi, can you maybe contact me on skype? I want to donate with paysafecard on factions, skypename: jellemeijer12, thanks!
    Ur revolution will never happen
    Hi destruct can u check plots and rank up ppls in creative 2? answer puhleeeease thankyouuu :)
    Can you send me the link to buy an unban?
    Uhmm I dont know my password anymore, I played a long time not more on this server, my name is jojochem1000 and I had a Ultimate rank....
    If you dont believe me, you can check it.
    You like chocomilk?
    Hello, I'm just asking if you can change my birthday date on my profile because it is meant to be 1998 not 2001.

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