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Classic Skyblock [GUIDE]


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Jul 11, 2021
Classic SkyBlock Guide

SkyBlock is a popular form of survival in Minecraft that has gained popularity since its release. It provides the difficult task of surviving on a block in the sky given very little resources. Us in Pika though take things a bit further in than just your ''Classic Skyblock Experience'' on an island with only some dirt and a tree to help you survive. Here I will explain to you everything you need to know for your time on the Classic Skyblock Gamemode and how to grow your island fast with some tips from experienced players and veterans.

↕️ Commands ↕️
  • /help [page] - All the help commands you'll need.
  • /island help - All the island commands you'll need.
  • /mobcoins help - All you need to know about the mobcoin commands.
  • /is top - The top islands of the server.
  • /is top help - All you the information you need about the top islands.
  • /ah help - All you need to know about the auctions of the server.
  • /shop - The shop of the server.
  • /transfer - The mobcoins shop of the server.

    ↕️ Island Creation & Starting Tips ↕️

  • Island Creation - Type the command /is create and pick one of the three pre-made islands for you to start on.
  • Cobblestone Generator - By digging up 5 blocks straight forward and digging down one more block in the middle and one towards the end of the line right next to the one you just dug at the middle. (as it's shown here!) When that step is done, fill the part of the side the two 1x1 holes are closer in with water and the other side with lava. (take a look!) When that step is done as well, create a small site for you to farm cobblestone at and you are all set! (You can get ores like: Iron, Lapis, Diamonds, Emeralds, Gold, Redstone and Coal)
  • Money - Getting money is quite easy. All you have to do is sell the items that you get from the generator on the Shop.

    ↕️ Spawners & Island Value ↕️

  • Spawners - Spawners are modified blocks that spawn certain mobs when met the necessary requirments, they are also the key to Island Value in Skyblock. You can get them by Supply Events on WarZone or you can get them by upgrading your Spawners Level.
  • Island Value - Whenever you place a spawner down on your island, your island's value increase based on the spawner you've placed. The bigger your Island Value, the closer you are at the top!
  • Spawners Level - The starter level spawners are the pig spawners. When you farm yourself around 50 pig heads and claim them (right click on them) use the command /rankup to get yourself access on the next level and unlock new spawners!

    ↕️ Mobcoins & Transfer Shop ↕️

  • Mobcoins - Mobcoins are a currency that can be obtained by exhanging 10 heads for 1 mobcoin (any type of heads) on the /heads storage or by killing specified mobs which will drop mobcoins on their own. (shown in the chat when it happens) Mobs like these are: Blazes, Skeletons and Guardians. The best choice of these three is easily Blazes because you can stuck them up easily and farm them peacefully and without them moving around. They are also very valuable resources towards the late game because you can get millions of money currency with them.
  • Transfer Shop - The Transfer Shop on skyblock is where you spend all of your mobcoins. This shop contains 7 Special Items and resets every 2 days. The items that it contains are rare so they also worth a lot of mobcoins.. The shop can cointain stuff from Feed Vouchers to even Ranks (rare) so be sure to check it out every once in a while!

    ↕️ Ranks & Classes ↕️

  • Ranks - With ranks, you gain access to special perks, abilities, and kits. The specific details for what you receive with each rank are listed on each package are listed on our Store. Ranks are either seasonal or permanent, seasonal ranks will expire after the season ends unless you Upgrade them to a higher rank and becomes permanent. All of the donator ranks are listed bellow so be sure to take a look.
  • SkyVIP Rank (Can Be Found As Seasonal)
  • SkyHero Rank (Can Be Found As Seasonal)
  • SkyLord Rank (Can Be Found As Seasonal)
  • SkyLegend Rank
  • SkyGod Rank
  • SkyKing Rank

  • All of the ranks prices and their permissions are given on our store so if you got interested, check them out here!

  • Classes - Classes are powerful kits that can be found by crate keys or by buying them from the shop! Classes have a cooldown of 7 days after being used to use them with caution when doing so. Each class contains different things such as: Spawners, Scrolls, Tools, Keys, and Mob Eggs. You can check them out here!
    ↕️ XP Boosters & Money Boosters ↕️
  • Money Boosters - Money boosters can be found in the /level system as rewards from unlocking newer levels, in the previous seasons there was a way you could grind them by going for Supply Drops on WarZone. It boosts the money you get from selling things on the shop by x2.
  • XP Boosters - XP Boosters can be found by the exact same way, grinding levels. It boosts the XP you get from killing mobs by x2.

    ↕️ Pets & Wilderness ↕️

  • Pets - Ever felt lonely on the server? How about we change that, Jeff the Zoo Keeper brings up to 3 random pets each week on Saturday for you to choose from! The pets are quite powerful as well granting you buffs like Special Strength towards the specified mob you have chosen. To get your hands on one of these little guys, you'll need 250 heads of the specified mob you want and 1-2 million currency to make the exchange. After that, you'll get a Mystery Egg which will contain your baby pet! It'll need around 24 hours to hatch and when it hatches you are given the chance of getting from a Common pet all the way up to a Legendary one! It's all just luck after all!

    ↕️ Supply Drops ↕️

  • Supply Drops are spawned every 1 hour on WarZone when there are more than 30 people online at the server. When the event starts, 20 supply crates will spawn in the warzone and people must go down and claim them as fast as possible! These crates are very powerful and can contain almost everything you need to rank yourself up fast!
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