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Scanned Lobby Automatically disabling fly when starting Parkour

This suggestion is currently under review. Please note that this does not guarantee it is going to be accepted. Also, note that the reviewing process may take a long time.


Great Reporter
Nov 8, 2021

Automatically disabling fly when starting Parkour​

Detailed description:
Hello all PikaNetwork players! I hope You are all having a good day, I'm here suggesting " Automatically disabling fly when starting Parkour ".

Since we all know that feeling when we really want to parkour in the lobby, we often forget to disable fly permission by using /fly. We are just normally jumping and beating the Parkour challenge, and we accidentally press the "Space" button two times and we start to fly. All of our progress is then gone and we need to start from the beginning again. A lot of players then just start to rage and they lose hope, or they just simply don't wanna try the parkour ever again.

So that's why I am suggesting the new method of automatically disabling our fly permission when we are starting the Parkour.

When we press the starting pressure plate, our fly permission should be automatically disabled and we can't reset our Parkour challenge anymore by accidentally flying. Once we're done with the Parkour challenge, we can simply leave it by using the command: /stopparkour and our fly permission will be enabled again.​

That small detail would make the Parkour challenge more playable and enjoyable for everyone, and maybe bring back some people who left it and never tried it again just because of that problem. I personally really love and enjoy playing the Parkour challenge but this really annoys me if I sometimes forget to disable fly permission, and I accidentally reset my Parkour progress. I hope this will be accepted and solved as soon as possible to revive the Parkour challenge!​


Nov 20, 2022
Good suggestion, I'll upvote it, keep on getting good ideas to improve the Network.