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  1. P

    Unban appeal

    Ive been detected by the anti bot filter how and why idk i did grind a lot but i wasnt botting or anything.
  2. P


    Hello i want too bee debanne beacause i was bann from the serveur reason ka but when i playing in this game y was lag (1200 ms). Thanks sorry for my englishe i am french
  3. mcergic11

    Plsss reply with your thoughts

    Pikachu baned me on Discord. Please help me get unbanned or else I will eat ur cookie :). https://prnt.sc/wnk9vb
  4. M

    Unban appeal

    Hello stuff, i want to start off by saying, i have been banned on ur server which had been my favourite server since my childhood, and i got banned by Pizza moderator for refusing to ss or something, which was 2 or 3 years ago. First i have been playing Mc PvP my whole life and i can even show...
  5. U

    ImNotHimThoSorry/Usufructq FALSELY BANNED 8 MONTHS AGO

    Okay hello guys im an old player on pikanetword {best server in my opinion}.Im here because of a stupid admin called StoPizza i dont know if he's staff on the server rn but he was 8 months ago or smth.I was falsely banned by him,i used to play on pika op facs everyday EVERYSINGLEFUCKINGDAY. I...
  6. G

    i got ban for anti bot filter

    Hi, I got banned from pika, reason "anti bot filter" I have is account GomikD and I got banned while I was crush mine so im pretty sure this is a mistake in the bot. So I would love some support to get a unban. And Yes, I by the way saw that the ban list has my nickname in 2017 , but it's not...
  7. TomatoBH

    I got banned for anti bot filter

    Hi, I got banned from pika, reason "anti bot filter" but i have no second account the only account I have is TomatoBH and I got banned while I was afk so im pretty sure this is a mistake in the bot, the only ones on my island is Andeh and, some old members that dosent play. So I would love some...
  8. BlockBuster69

    "Login denied"

    how to get unbanned ?
  9. M

    My Unban appeal

    Ok... this started when i was in the end... I was mining endstone... My wifi was extremely laggy, I got stuck inside a block. I tried jumping out of the block and then I started hitting the block with my pickaxe, I went to the chat and typed ''Laggy Guys xD" and then the next moment I got banned...
  10. F

    Unban Me

    The console bans me 2 times but I don't have Hack! I very love this server but when console ban me I'm very sad
  11. A

    UnMute ME

    Cucloops muted me for spamming in /w message....with my cousin!!!! we have the same island! I wrote him "chiama" that means "call me" in italian because i accidentally turned off my phone and after i turned it on i asked him to call me in a joking way!!! Because he is my cousin! I know that i...
  12. L

    Unban Please

    Hello , my nickname is LichKing I was lagging in warp End . When I was walking for unknown reasons server banned me for Knockback ! Even I wasnt in a PvP , Please Unban me :(
  13. J

    Banned with No hax

    Hello I just got banned on kitpvp for bhop and glide, by Machaku But i don't know why I wasn't even hacking so I got banned without a reason So please can I be unbanned because I love this kitpvp As you can see, I logged on directly for this thread, you can even freeze me(if you can do that) to...
  14. T


    Ok,I 'm a player LEGIT I'm banned beacause in the duel there is a connection lag BECAUSE I'm french and between USA and FR there is a distance then a moderator (Davidva) ban me for killaura Why ? My family is on the connection 24/24 I'm not cheat forever I hate cheater Please understand my Post...
  15. S

    Slendy Baned me for no reason!

    Slendy, I was not hacking! I was Recording for youtube and you have been baned me in the middle of the recording!! If you will not unban me i will post your face and the title of the video will be: "The admin Slendy banned me while i was mining without any reason!!!" Here is my link to the...
  16. aammiirr2323

    unabn me

    hi i sended 5 ban appeal but them not see my ban appeal :'( admins unban me please :'( who banned you?: daantje8 why you banned ? :antikb-forcefield why we must unban you?: i want play opskyblock please unban me :(
  17. R

    Unban Appeal

    Dear Pika-Network Staff Members Basically me and my friend were playing egg-wars and then we got in a battle with other players and I am pretty sure that I spam clicked to hard and...
  18. JosHMC

    Read This VeggiDay plz

    Good Game STAFF you banned someone for saying kill aura LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Channel Name : ThePvPerJosh / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpCw57OcKEtMrqTrgWyKPcQ Kid's link of me chatting : http://prnt.sc/cnb7zl If you don't believe me ill make a 'VIDEO PROOF' on my channel IGN : JosHMC Who...
  19. Javuh

    Please Unban me :(

    I will tell the truth... well... uhmmm im trapping someone at creative mode in ender portal... when you are in ender portal u cant type , open inventory , open menu... but that was _ItzMike_'s idea i dont really want to do it but mike force me to do it... so please RockyGaming.. unban me please...
  20. P


    Hello , sorry if my English is bad but im french . I need the help of the staff because the console have been banned me for Hacking and im not a hacker . i just hurt the console in pvp /warp point2 . During the fight versus Lenny_Js PLZ staff unbann me i love this serv . THX