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  1. Bolja

    Clever Mining | Prison Episode 6/100 - Pika Network

    Hello guys in this video I show you, how you can rank up from A to I in less than 5 minutes! View: https://youtu.be/RpYuZPP7QW8
  2. TryHardMarktin

    [GUIDE] | How to play OP Prison (BASICS)

    What is OP Prison in the first place? OP Prison is a game mode on PikaNetwork where your goal is to mine resources in order to make money or tokens and use it to rank up or purchase something on the server! Now that you know the game's mechanics, let us give you a tour and some commands that can...
  3. dhmhtrhs2005

    Tutorial How to play OP prison !!! (And Fast money)

    Hi guys am dhmhtrhs2005 and i will learn you how to play OP prison ===At the start=== Do /warp a mine the ores at the right and sell the loot at the players plot (I tell you how and the third step) ===How can i rankup=== Do /rankup If you have the money to rankup. At every rankup the warp...
  4. hijackrusty

    Classic SkyBlock: Starter Guide!

    Hey Guys! :p Just got a bit bored and thought I'd write this Starter tips guide for anyone new joining the server or anyone new to skyblock! I know it's been done before but it's always easy to see a new thread when you're new on the forums! Where to begin? Firstly start off by getting yourself...
  5. _ImSiwan

    Survival`s Guide

    Hello Survival Players/Newbies! : How To Claim : Claiming Is Basic, First Get A Golden Spade(Shovel) Crafting Or Using The /kit Claim. As You Gain A Golden Spade(Shovel) Go To Your Deisred Land To Claim. Right Click The 2 Opposite Corners Of The Land Without Putting Away Your Golden...
  6. V

    =-= Plots Tutorial Thread =-=

    HOW TO USE PLOTS AND COMMANDS Hello there! This is a quick tutorial on how to use plots in general. Are you clueless of what they are or how to use them? You are in the right place. So here is the structure of the thread: - Basics - How to use plots - What they do - Greetings BASICS So you...