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skyblock classic

  1. T

    vote crate grass

    i opened a vote crate and got 32grass instead of grass blocks is it supposed to do this?
  2. U

    Bullying some people with double jump

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVviTIMVnwQ
  3. ThePeanutManz

    Does anyone wanna trade me, I will give OPfactions vote keys, for Skyblock vote keys.

    The Title explains it all.
  4. K

    Nether Pig spawner mover scam

    A user named Andejko123123 volunteered to silk touch pig spawners in nether after I've asked ~StoPizza if he could help me with his silk touch in public chat. User Andrejko123123 private messaged me about his ability to help me, which seeing that he is quite involved with the community I...
  5. I

    In Need of staff

    I can apply for staff because i am like 6hrs daily on skyblock and people are swearing and breaking the rules in chat and no one cares,no one can do anything about it...
  6. M

    MrRRaw normal skyblock island!

    Big thank u to SezarBD!! We really got some fans of this build! Big plans are coming up!
  7. WcBrilMetWater18

    Denied Classic SkyBlock Skyblock

    Suggestion: Skyblock Detailed description: Make the price of selling pork a little higher. Reason(s): I think its very unfair that after allot of people placed pig spawners and gained some money, you guys drop the sell price from 5$ all the way to 0.85$, a small drop okay that acceptable...
  8. M

    it is BUG?

    Why My Island Worth Always 9000? how to Fix it?
  9. X

    Skyblock is broken

    I was making a creeper farm and then the server had a huge lag spike kicked me twice and I lost 4 hoppers, help. Also you can't join and nobody is playing it.
  10. Sunoichii

    TbrWolf Scam

    In the chat he said that he was selling epic keys for 3mil, i thought to myself "hey maybe i could open up some crates, maybe something good will happen. When i warped to his island, i was going through banners that he put in the passage. When i got to the chest, i pressed to buy the keys but...
  11. M

    Cannot type in chat

    When i want to talk in chat there stands "cannot send chat message"
  12. BanXxRusherFTW

    R.I.P My awful island

    Well, i was just mining cobblestone then i saw lava and fell into the void, and i lost my items and i saw this... https://imgur.com/fCsc0x2 no wood, wood saplings left and no pickaxes. And some hours for /is reset left. Edit: I bought saplings, no help needed.
  13. Harrysdog

    help thread?

    Not sure what thread suitable but for now i need help to get flint or gravel in skyblock because i need it to make flint and steel for a project. note: /is ms is selling the wrong sapling and /c the challange that give you spawn egg are not giving them (also not sure if its being discuss before)
  14. V

    a doubt about reset, please read

    A guy in the skyblock classic server told me that, there is going to be a server reset. He also said that all the progression and the island will be gone. IS THAT TRUE?? Will I lose everything??
  15. AlphaPizza

    Future of Classic Sky Block?

    After a series of hacking attacks on the server, players are yet in confusion over when they can continue playing normally again? Inspite of a rollback, the hacking was done once again and the server was left in anarchy. Will these attacks stop? Rumors of a server reset are also circulating...
  16. jimmy mitchell

    Drop Party (Classic Skyblock)

    Hello fellow Pika Craft players! I'm here to announce that Gold001 will be having a HUGE Drop Party In Classic Skyblock!!! The date and time will be listed below! This Drop Party will include: Notch Apples, Enchantment Tables, Op Tools, Enchanted Books, Diamonds, $25,000 Tokens (Only valid for...
  17. WcBrilMetWater18

    Skygod Gone?

    Hello, This is one for the admins, or moderators, i lost my skygod... About 2 years ago i bought skygod on skyblock with the account name WcBrilMetWater18, i played allot, then skyblock ice came, still i had my skygod, but i had to change my username to WcBrilMetWater because i coud not lock my...
  18. MrNapoleon

    Problem With Redstone

    Hey staff! I wanted to address that there is a bug in Classic Skyblocks for Redstone. First of all redstone clocks stop working if i log off and i have to reset them almost everytime i log back in and same is with Bud switches. There is also another Bug That i found which is that Hoppers are not...
  19. A

    The leader of the island kicked me out... HELP!!!

    Hey first of all i want to ask sorry cause i don't really know how to speak english but i'll try and i hope that someone can help me. So what happened is that when i was playing classic skyblock with 2 other players the leader of the island kicked us of the island and keep with all our items. I...
  20. Beatless27

    I can't join classic skyblock server

    When I tried to join it enters for a few seconds then kicks me! Please fix it. I want to play skyblock. Thanks, Beatless27