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  1. LoxPlayz

    Fix Opfactions Server Lag

    Fix OpFactions Server lag. its lagging too much.
  2. S

    Bedwars/Skywars Tournament

    I am here to pitch an idea of mini game Tournament because i think it cloud a great addition to many PvP based Tournaments and i think i would generate more hype and excitement for these games i hope the pika staff take idea
  3. P

    Pika Community Discord Server Ideas

    Greetings PikaCrafters, As many of you know pika is going through a good period if we exclude a few mistakes and some other things that I don't think are either worth it or should be mentioned in this thread as we are not here to rate the server but to support it even more. Many different...
  4. 9


    Im so hyped up about the new reset of bedwars, I decided to share something when I found out about it View: https://youtu.be/laTgBbi8iu8
  5. Navythe_slayer

    Pika network

    It's been a while since I had came back to the server. I just wanted to see how everyone is and most importantly the server pika-network. I would like to ask something... with the new co owner that is going to be on ,how is he? And why had Dutchminerhd hire him? I hope that the old staff are...
  6. IsolatedReaper

    A few comments by a nerd

    The current practice server system is epic...The queueing system is god..And the Helpers in the server actually really does their work properly.... But there is one thing I dont understand....They say my ping is around 150-200..Which is perfectly fine.. But the server is always lagging and i...
  7. ____Elsa____

    Denied Global Epic Spell Wars! A new kind of Minigame!

    Hey! Elsa here. Introducing.... EPIC SPELL WARS! Using the spell system on my previous build. I created a minigame! This minigame is good for 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, and even 5vs5! No mods or Resource packs needed! Minigame Summary: 1. 6 premade starting spell given to random players per...
  8. DarkxSilent

    Favorite Activity in Prison?

    Hi Guys, I was just curious on what your favorite thing to do in Prison is? Obviously about half of my time is dedicated to clearing the shops for players to enjoy the wealthy benefits of gaining a much more bountiful amount rather than selling at the Warp Z for a cheap price. I always do...
  9. E

    Player Rollback

    Since yesterday the server had been off due to some hacking issues on the server and after coming back on, we found out that all of our inventories and balance were rolled back a few days ago. Why is this? So many people lost their Eff 8 picks and tokens and such. I myself lost my Eff 7 pick...
  10. Old_Prophet

    IMPORTANT invitations to join servers READ THIS

    Lately we have come across several reports of people that tell us that their accounts have been hacked, right after they have been joining servers that they were invited to by other players. There are several reasons we do not allow the mention of server names and ip addresses. That we do not...
  11. theloneking

    [Suggestion] Trying to help

    hi, can you backup all your database files/server once a day, every midnight? or make an auto backup program so we can prevent big losses when the server get attacked. this can also help admins/staffs to avoid tons of headache to restore the server and helps the players, donors and non donors...
  12. C

    Please read this, for admins

    I came here to explain what happened to me. A few days ago I was banned once and for use NO Slowdown in Kit-PVP, this time, all right after this happened never used hack in Pika. Then I came back just playing Eggwars and Skywars, and Autoban system banned me another 3 times wrongly, I do not...