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  1. GoatFan98

    Pikanetwork iceberg

    Hello guys! I've made he first pikanetwork iceberg. The chart doesn't contain any sensitive information. It mentions the use of game modifications and bug/glitch abusing in some entries, but I don't support hacking or bug/glitch abusing in any form. The iceberg wasn't made to ruin pika's...
  2. D


    Ya so i sell my vote keys for the keys of opskyblock so i sold the keys to the GUY named 'DeusLowkey' so i sold him keys he i think he /ignored me and i was spamming him but he was not listening at all am pasting that video link of youtube View: https://youtu.be/1x8aLUH1J6M
  3. D

    Shulker box scam By samurai ranked player

    He even openly admits that the shulker box is a scam and i also changed the language just to confirm and the items didnt change language which means its a scam.
  4. B

    scammer of opskyblock and kit-pvp

    A hyperstrafe named player have 36 vote keys in opskyblock he is trading them in kit-pvp vote keys i give him kit-pvp vote keys and give him some money but he scammed me and dont give me keys i dont have screenshot because at that time i dont know that he will scam but after that he is also...
  5. B

    Selling 1 dirt block for 5 mil in Classic Skyblock

    Title says it all. I need money so buy lol. Totally not a scam
  6. O


    So Breeu is a scammer scamming people of their money with a supposed maze. he says u end the maze u win and when u click the chest u lose money. he is a scammer please ban. i got scammed i had 16M and now i have 360K
  7. nimosana

    Nimosana's small guide on how to NEVER get scammed

    Hello, i'm making this quick guide to reduce your chances of being scammed. 1. If you are going to trade or buy something from another player, do it with /ah. 2.If you receive a random teleport request from somebody you don't know, be careful, it could be a tp trapper. 3. Fake spawners in /ah...
  8. Old_Prophet


    I see a lot of people struggle with their spawn blocks... placing them and then mining them just to find out what they are, or putting them in auction so the auction tool will tell them. Here is another way: Take the spawner in your hand, then write /iteminfo. It will return a name in chat...
  9. K

    [PRISON] NEW BUG!, Auction bug

    Well, as i tell the forumer, as a new threader this might be hard to explain So, about the auction bug. Me (Killer47x) and my friend (Im_Jordan_Chaos) were trading an OP-Pickaxe, we had a deal , of me buying the OP-Pickaxe, for 1.8B, well, when i trade this thing occured, He putted the op...
  10. T

    How to tell A Real From a Fake voting crate in AH

    Hi guys My name is thefluffyone lately I've been seeing people trying to sell fake voting crates in the auction house on Op Factions and although it isn't against the rules I feel it isn't fair for those to earn their money fairly to buy a what they think is a real voting crate then turns out to...
  11. Lava_Demon

    Please Help Pika-Network Stuff (Password Reset)

    Hello Pika-Network Stuff.I Have One Realy Big Problem.I Was Playing OPfactions1 and somebody asked does i want try his server.He Said Me Server IP and i joined it.When I leaved,i was trying to join Pika-Network.But It Said Me Proxy Its Now yet Used!I tryed join again after 30 min. and it...
  12. L

    i got scamed by thaft opfac 1.

    http://prntscr.com/aqee8t this screen is from logs becouse it was out of the chat http://prntscr.com/aqefjq so i say 50m first 50 after. http://prntscr.com/aqefvx i pay him 50m http://prntscr.com/aqeg59 and he logs out... So i want my rename comand or 50 million and him get banned.