1. NCStylezX

    SkyKing /fix cool down?

    Hii, I have SkyKing rank on OPSkyblock I upgraded it from SkyGod. It gives me a cool down for /fix even tho it shouldn't have a cool down.
  2. V

    İ want HELPER rank

    Hello PikaNetwork's Helper And Admins, First i want Helper Rank because i am 7/24 online and i am HiveMC's Helper İ am watching hacks, And Masterson is not online but i am 7/24 online Please give me HELPER rank...
  3. D

    there is no op prison rank shop in store

    so i know there are ranks in op prison but are they still available? since they dont seem to appear in store
  4. D


    Hello, My username is Darth_Hydra, and my rank got glitched last reset where my rank got changed to guardian. I had donator rank previously, and some moderators also know of this like Izha and very OG players. Also have some video proof.
  5. J

    Ranks in survival

    when you go to the crates you see diffrent ranks. but how do you get that rank /buy doesnt work en i cant find anything on the store site. and in the chat you see wizards have acces to these kits... please help me so i can buy a rank on survival
  6. vSyndrome

    Can we get some practice ranks please guys :)

    Quick post can we get some ranks on practice please i have money to spare and like practice so...
  7. B

    Bug? Can I please get my rank back?

    So I have donator rank on Op Facs 1, and when you do /rankup no matter what rank you are you can upgrade to be any of those ingame ranks (champion, batman etc.) for any amount of ingame money. So I bought Vanguard with is 1.4mil ingame money and it basically took my rank away like I have no...
  8. W

    Missing rank

    Hi, I bought a donator+ rank a long time ago. I quited playing minecraft for a while but now I wanted to join the server and so I did but I saw my rank was missing. By the time I bought the rank my minecraft name was: SPAANSExPEPER I changed it a couple of times already. My current minecraft...
  9. X

    i lost my rank ;(

    i do not Join a few months and i realized that : Pika Has hacked i lost my Top Donator Rank in OPFactions 1 Server. Please restore it ;( IGN : xFreedyYx
  10. C

    my champion rank back

    im logging in to the op factions 1 then noticed that im back to the member rank which is kinda sad because of the incident that happen to the server i hope i could get my rank asap thanks