1. MrRavagen

    Great staff leaves..

    It's sad to see you go.. I don't know if you will make a forum post.. (at least 1 did and I made 1 for all of you) Good job for the past work! I hope you will live life and don't give up what will be ahead. Go where the road leads you! :heart: PizzaMC, ZeroGiven, Draegoner, Salwaswemi &...
  2. June22


    Pizza we are now Making a Campaign... We Want the Old Creative Back again!!! Pls Bring it Back... we Consist of many Players... Old Creative Players... BTW not NYC... Before NYC the Classic Creative... the 1.8 one. #BringBackOldCreative
  3. J

    Hi Sir/Maam

    Im newbie in your server but i see this is so good all active staff and member's nice server i hope you like me when im gooing to any server of pika xd :> glad to see you all:)
  4. M


    I have been trying to use //wand but i cant it is a mod but still cant use plz tell
  5. K

    RockyGaming Ban The Wrong Person

    Hey Guys Its Me Again I Want To Say That RockyGaming Ban The Wrong Person The Real Hacker Is kata1122sa Not kata98 Can Someone Fix It Cause Im Not Pvping In That Time Im In Vault And Im AFK But When i Go Back To Play I've Been kick And When I Login Again It Say Im Permanently Banned Pls Fix It...
  6. BosniaHero

    Donator raiding in GMC !!

    I dont know can u see that on pic, i hadnt had enough time to record that.Donator rank [Dylactric] had sethome in my base and we were pvping at begginning then he came in our base with /gmc and we couldnt kill them, he just flew arround and then he went on spawn. Thanks Alot !
  7. SozFrf

    I killed PizzaMC

    I killed him
  8. Fearroh

    Old Creative Moments!

    I Honestly still remember every detail of the old creative and i still love it! :D but this was one of the best moments I ever lived in Creative! (I got to get a screenie with PizzaMC!!) and wreaker which is my friend.. It was truly amazing.. Thx Pizza! <3
  9. Salema13414

    Seriously? (VOTE!)

    Well recently ive been playing on op facs 2 for a while now and i noticed that literally no Staff, Yes None! play there. Like seriously u should recruit staff that are willing to play there more and not just op facs 1 . Op FACS2 is flooded with hackers And bugs, half the favs there are 2 people...
  10. Bolja

    no logic

    Hello! I really dont undrstand 1 thing. If you use an exploit glitch in prison and you steal money from someone who never wanted do a deal with you, its allowed its a trick and its scamming. But if you rename a thing and you sell something...