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  1. Fqch

    Minigames Add Guild Quests

    Username: Fqch Suggestion: Add Guild Quests Detailed description: Add a quest system for guilds where the members of a guild can complete missions like "Play 200 Games" to receive Guild XP, Guild Coins or Mystery Boxes. Same way as normal player quests work. Reason(s): This would add more fun...
  2. shinitaichan

    About Boosters Available in the Gold Shop

    I have actually used the booster and filled in my impressions and results. Please refer to it when you use it. WEBSITE ・BEST TIME The best time was 8:30 (US time) when there were many players. Depending on the time, a little earlier at 7:30 is also fine. Because many people were kicked due...
  3. ir_n

    what's your favourite gamemode and why

    hi guys I'm irony I'm just curious what you guys think the best gamemode is and why, also what do you think the worst gamemode is and why.
  4. wjdxo

    Don't let me kill the team.

    Hello, I've been killing my team a lot in Bad Wars and mini games. So don't let me kill the team. Tim Kilo was killed and damaged. I need you to make a command that I can report immediately, a watch, and a command that he comes in. So no matter how much you kill a team, you'll be punished for...
  5. FakeMan1331

    Add /report command In game

    I suggest adding the /report command in game to easily report cheaters. In this way it will be easier to report cheaters: instead of going to the forums, post screenshots, etc. people could just say /report [player name]. Then the game replay will be sent to mods who will decide to ban or not...
  6. Ronii_

    I'm convinced there's only 3 maps on this server

    At this point I think there's actually just 3 bedwars maps on the pika-network, I've been playing for about 40 minutes now and the only maps I got the whole time was Fortress,Castle and Town like bro cmon where are all the other maps? At this point if I get something like speedway or lighthouse...
  7. A

    Bedwars Update

    When are we gonna get a new bedwars update? I've been playing on pika for like 4 months now, and the only recent change I noticed were cheaper stone swords, when are we gonna get new maps and new utility items? The occasional new maps are fun and all but its just getting more boring.
  8. H0M3


    Make the Diamond & Emerald generators only stack up to only 4 ingots. This is extreamly annoying especially when noobs get a hold of 16 emeralds and 8 diamonds from one go.