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  1. doctermantes


    Hello I hope yall are doing well today I was playing OpPrison i was in combat fighting 2 people i was winning the fight then i got kicked for client modifecation and im mad about this because i had 2 gangster kits on me and 1 boss kit and i had 5 god apples im hopping for a refund becuz i payed...
  2. brushytoast

    Enderchest AND RANKS

    Kindly add levels and stars like hypixel we cant see the player rank while in game of a bedwars match and add like enderchest dropping in generator fountain thing
  3. Jean41212

    Which is the Worst Minecraft Server?

    You Don't Have A Choice.... For Me the Best server is pika network, hypixel is nothing infront of Pika network XD
  4. Darker_6ix

    apply for staff

    i would like to be a staff like member ok the pika server. Reason : pika so the only server i play a lot other just for other stuff like the bridge etc. and in pika i play like almost everyday and i see many hacker like kilaura and anti kb so wish i could be a staff and help u all i would love...
  5. EA0_2_0_8_

    Denied SkyWars [crack] A map for pika skywar!

    Minecraft Username EA0_2_0_8_ Suggestion: [crack] made a map for pika skywar! Detailed description: Please DM me in discord to get the map! sorry for the inconvenience (to secure the map confidential) Here is a video shortly introducing the map: View: https://youtu.be/bcT2KCOcQtg...