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  1. G

    Temporary Removal of Bedrock Players

    I want to address a pressing concern regarding the prevalence of hacking activities among Bedrock players on our server. It has come to my attention after months of playing that a significant number of Bedrock players are engaging in hacking, posing a threat to the integrity of our community...
  2. xSlainer_

    best skywars player!

    This dude hired some bots to just get on top of sw weekly wins lbs with 5-6 freaking kills in 211 games! Fascinating isn't it? Ok, to the point, he's using bots to stats boost. Also, I have reported them..
  3. E

    Hacker in bedwars

    Hey! Today i was playing bedwars quads and at the start of the game an hacker started flying and destroyed all the beds, then he killed everyone except team yellow, who finished him. Could you please do something ab it? Thank you! have a nice day. Username is attached
  4. DanY4real

    Pika is garbage

    Alright so this is just my opinion but Pika network is garbage. The server is complete doodoo. I just played skyward and a guy with no sword starts hitting me from 10 blocks away and doesn't take any knockback and also clicking 100 cps knocks me into the void but he's fine not even a kick when I...
  5. I

    LiquorHole (again)

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/732949128874819645/812628007911030824/unknown.png LiquorHole leaked his hacked settings LMAOOOOOO
  6. Lt_akgamings


    Can someone SS me to see if there's anything illegal, I just bought a used pc so I want to be sure that everything is ok.
  7. FintanFire

    Hacker Report

    alright so there are 2 people Enerobloxi and nesconask. They both were teamed also nesconask was reaching i forgot to record the proof of that but its true. Also i couldnt post videos on here what do i do
  8. sneakingmafia

    When the match started i went to open the first chest and someone came and killed me with 2 hits

    When the match started i went to open the first chest and someone came and killed me with 2 hits.His name is Patolunix i say 2 secs and he came to my island.HACKS.Thanks
  9. sneakingmafia

    Kill aura,throwing snowballs like a deamon and anti knockback

    lordlohan was throwing me with snowballs like a deamon he want getting knockeback when i was hitting him and also he was hitting very fast.(Sorry for the bad english)Send me an email if you will ban him.Thanks
  10. G

    kill aura

    yakory hacks kill aura i take a screenshot i hate hackers
  11. B

    Possible fix for anti - cheat and stop to the hackers !

    Hello, can the Owners of pika network please improve the anti - cheat systen, ive been playing bedwars and ive run in to soo many hackers that its unbelivable . i would recommend a program that needs to be installed in order to join the server the will check your client and see if said client is...
  12. MikeZ3Great

    What shall I do on my YouTube channel now!?

    Hey! So I've been making YouTube videos for a while now on my channel, MikeZ3Great but I've been really inactive for a year or so. So I figured the only way to bring my channel back to life would be to ask you guys for some advice. What would you like to see? I've already made a video on how to...
  13. JeremyC22

    DarkFenix_HD using illegal items

  14. Old_Prophet

    To Everybody that hates people that use Hacks

    Hey everybody, I'm pretty new on this server. But i'm not new to MC and i'm not new to online MC either. I have been playing on several international servers, I have created servers, and I have been staff on servers. Right now, I just want to play for a while. There are a few things though...
  15. XzXOwerLordXzX

    Dupilication glitch by Donators

    Hello.My name is XzXOwerLordXzX. Today i post this thread to alert the staff and the players about Donators.They are taking ingame money and items to duplicate: -Armour; -Rare Items; -Crate Keys; -Credits; -Tokens and much more -Link to the video on YouTube: I think the staff should look in to...
  16. H

    Block BHOP Hack !

    The player named Awqee is using tricks and this is bothering me and please ban the other players
  17. Ninja 4837

    Anti-Cheat Suggestion

    My suggestion for Pika Craft Anti Cheat is to request for a Powerful Custom AAC Config to the author. I've seen many AAC servers having different AAC configs according to number of hackers,types of hacks,etc. Though Pika has improved a lot after having the AAC in the server but I'd still...
  18. BeastModeProject

    Hacker Bust

    Caught a hacker in Factions he attacked the other players while looking at his own feet and a godlike speed while shifting.