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hacker alert

  1. K

    player report ign: Anokodo

    I was killed by a cheater named Anokodo. I had 2 divine sets on me and it was my last loot on the server. I was on 5 hearts and i got 2 tapped. Here's a clip of the whole fight and proof of inconsistent damage. I would like to see a response soon and hopefully get my stuff back so i can continue...
  2. J

    Hacker in Duels

    In the screenshot below there is a hacker called "userofhuzuni" and he admits to hacking, and there is also people cussing him out in chat, (this was taken in march 25 2022) and he was hacking in duels. I guess ban him. i also fought him and he was doing anti-KB in sumo
  3. I

    Hacking And Swearing

    korrune is hacking using reach and swearing at the same time
  4. 1


    _Mark_ is cheating anti kb and auto block also I am suspecting autoclick :soryy for the noice in the vidio i was watching yt at the moment
  5. T


    ADMINS, THERE IS THIS REALLY ANNOYING HACKER NAMED Dr_Minestein. He's got killaura and he can also break beds without even breaking the blocks around it. Please ban him pleassee. HE KEEPS JOINING GAMES AND IS A PROBLEM FOR EVERYONEE!!!
  6. X

    I found an Hacker in Bedwars

    His Name is jeewishspongebob he used Skaffold walk and nonockback please Keep an eye on him!
  7. Unikitty

    Hacker On Skywars: Fabjakia

    That Was My Prood
  8. KouTanaka122

    Report this hacker

    hotwheelcraft anti kb/no velocity, destroyed bed with no defended block destroyed
  9. PvpNo1

    Caught a hacker with proof

    This is my first post but still I play daily for 2 - 4 hours and encounter minimum 5 - 6 hackers daily. Which is really irritating but today i had recorded some hackers Today in this video u will find 2 hackers in here but there was actually 6 hackers they killed each other before i could...
  10. K

    Please fix this

    I have been seeing a lot of hackers lately in Practice, they should be auto banned by anti-cheat, but they are not. Is there a way to report them in-game?
  11. rashedlovespikanetwork

    hacker alert

    there is a hacker named shalindroxus he use many type of hacks if u find him report him as fast as possible