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  1. itsdruglovexx

    Ranks explained. [UPDATED]

    First of all I'm making this thread because I have been going thru the Helpful threads/guides and I realized that Ranks & Gkits one is outdated. Explaining ranks from Lowest to Highest. #1 SKYVIP RANK The SkyVip Rank provides the players the basic commands and shows them its luxury. You can...
  2. Arrly

    [Guide] How to win Solo BedWars!

    Hello everyone! I see a lot of people really don't like how "sweaty" Solo is right now, and a lot of new players don't even try to play Solo because of that. So in this guide, I will try to explain exactly how to play properly & which strategies to use, so if you're looking forward to improving...
  3. TryHardMarktin

    [GUIDE] | How to play OP Prison (BASICS)

    What is OP Prison in the first place? OP Prison is a game mode on PikaNetwork where your goal is to mine resources in order to make money or tokens and use it to rank up or purchase something on the server! Now that you know the game's mechanics, let us give you a tour and some commands that can...
  4. P

    [Tips & Tricks] 33 Bedwars Tricks For Players With Basic Experience (At Solos)

    Greetings PikaCrafters, WARNING: I would like to inform you that if you don't have the basic experience of bedwars then this thread will not be so useful. That's why I would advise you to go read this guide Here (Made By KaramMurad) and come back after understanding how the minigame works and...


    HOW TO BECOME A GOD PVPER ? : to begin with you must learn to be patient with yourself and not rage so much, secondly when you get good at pvp don't type L in chat or be rude to someone, lastly don't be over confident there are many players who WILL be better than you so strive hard to become...
  6. T

    Gaining Money Guide

    Hello this is my first post hope u enjoy if u have any question u can /w me ingame or post here my ign : Telegram if u are new in server for gaining money first u need a sword after u got sword ask people for a op ender man grinder they will answer u i suggest /is warp secretlars go to ender...
  7. Gergerino

    The MCMMO Guide of OP Skyblock!

    In this guide I will learn you what McMMO can do and some tricks and tips to get (fast) McMMO! I hope this will be usefull. Use /stats to see your all your different skills. You can train these skills. Here under you will find for each skill how to get easy experience...
  8. _ImSiwan


    : How To Make Fast Money : Make a mobfarm and sell the mob drops at /shop This is the best way to make money in survival right now. So this is only my suggestion on how to make fast money => : NOTE : Physical emeralds are now useless/worthless in survival it`s based on money now. : How To Claim...