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  1. W

    Fix the PRINTER

    Like holy fk Pika The new printer might as well perm ban me. What the actual fk were yall thinking when implementing the new Anti Cheat. That thing just banned me 1h for literally just printing a cannon. Making cannon pillars from the bottom up to the cannon platform will literally get you...
  2. C

    The Anticheat

    the anticheat is pretty messed up why's the devs ain't doing anything to it lmao i literally got kicked for just queuing a gaming saying "CLIENT MODIFICATION" literally i just clicked on sumo and it immediately kicked me why's the devs so lazy and if you'd talk to them they're so sarcastic like...
  3. T

    Got kicked by the server, Alparo_ a staff member got my special set, reaper with strengt 1 and he doesnt give it back.

    So i was just playing kitpvp, bowboosting arround on my alt. Got kicked while in combat, killed bc i was in combat. walked back to my stuff, Alparo_ picked it up, and wont give it back to me. i got that reaper out a bought key. So what are we gonna do with this problem. i lost my stuff bc the...
  4. F

    Bugged anticheat

    Wheneverr I'm playing and occasionally I get glitched and the game doesn't let me move.I then try to move but then it kicks me for OP faction hacks
  5. ReShiroe

    Console actually hates me

    i can't pvp properly im getting kick over and over