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  1. Z


    any admins/staff/mods/devs need to hop on op factions rn from what i heard people were duping and it caused so much lag that the server dibanded all facs our spawners are gone and we cant load into the server without getting kicked in less than a minute, i suggest a rollback and a perm ip ban to...
  2. L

    Sand Stone

    So Sand Stone Was glitched for over 2 months. Now its "fixed" . Or is it? Devs made a typo in the description of the Sand Stone that Mobs dropp and now it doesnt accept it for player lvl . ( At the end it says "Shiny" for the sandstone from crate and "Shiny f" for the Mob dropp ). We are begging...
  3. T

    Bedwars suggestions

    Instead of the bedwars sidebar in doubles and solo being like this, where the tick or "X" is the same colour as the team colour, which is confusing to read quickly, make it so that the "X" is always Red or Black and the Tick is always green Like this- This is so much easier to understand...
  4. P

    Guys I wanna know how to get /fix hand & /fix all command [PRICE TOO]

    So Guys I just wanna know that how to get /fix hand & /fix all command... Or how much that cost I really want it....
  5. T

    Removing Applied Fall Damage On Ender Pearls

    I would like to start this off by saying that I know that ender pearls apply fall damage depending on how many blocks you've fallen from. I want to suggest to make it like vanilla minecraft where the damage you take is only from the ender pearl and not how many blocks you've fallen from. For...
  6. A

    TnT Jumping

    Hai, I've been playing in pika for quite some time now and I realized that the TNT jumping is a bit broken. Yes, you can single TNT jump but double or triple TNT jumping is nearly impossible. I would really appreciate it if you Developers can fix this. Thanks and have a nice and wonderful day.
  7. quraOT


    Okay this has made me lose several games... Fix TNT on bedwars it takes like 40% longer to explode than normal TNT please just please fix it!!!!!
  8. I

    About The Dam Console Ban

    I know that I shouldnt say any of this but Im going to let it out. THE CONSOLE SUCKS AT BANNING PEOPLE. About half of my faction has been banned by Console. I myself have been banned by Console 7 times. I am now Perm Banned by console and Im PISSED!!! Get the staff to do what they are suppose to...
  9. Andisa

    [Bug] OPSkyBlock OnTime Problem

    Hello members and staffs, I'm here to report the bug I found. I'm pissed off of this bug because it's slowing down my AutoRank. I should be L4 but I'm still @ L3, so it's on time bugged. Here some proof: the time that appears when I do /ar check the time that appears when I do /ar time and...
  10. R

    OpSkyBlock New Enchant !

    My idea is add enchant named AUTO-REPAIR to auto fix tools. Tokens cust are 60 each level and customs speed for fix. Thx to see my suggestion !
  11. FireyLandMiner

    My Skywars Stats Are Stuck?

    Dear PikaStaff, My Skywars (Non-Classic) Stats Have Not Been Updating Whatsoever! My Kills, Wins, ETC. Have Not Been Updating At All It Even Says That I Have 2 Deaths And 1 Game Played? That Just Doesn't Make Sense! I've Tried Playing On A Different Account But Still.. Nothing! Please Fix...
  12. Eb1n

    Java "crashed" and i died

    I was finding bases, while BnnD named player wants to teleport me. I accepted it. He hasn't items in his inventory, so i left him alive. Suddenly, he stops following me and i continue running, and i get java.net.connectexception message. When joined back, i was dead by combatlog. What the heck...
  13. SnipeNight

    Make Opfaction1 Handle Big cannons pls

    I was Trying To raid A Certain faction And I Was Using a 60 stacker Hybrid Cannon The First Shot work But only stack 10+ sand then I saw The Problem It was The Server The sand Was dropping Slowly And The Repeaters are So Slow to tick Ive been Shooting for the past 10min im still not over 1...