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  1. yuok

    theft and destroy claim land

    hello, idk if this legal or illegal on this server, after 3 days playing and make some bases with claimland(myfaction) my build has destroyed & and all items in my chest was stolen idk who did this because im offline before they do this i already ask someone in game, but no one care...
  2. S

    My faction is gone

    Hi, unfortunately when I went back to the server my base was griefed. The thing that bothered me a little is that my faction is gone. I am no longer in it, even though I was the founder and I wanted to understand why. Can anyone tell me what could have happened? Is there also some kind of...
  3. elphanteee2nd

    who is best faction in the history of opfactions

    i think the best faction is taliban tyrants or ankh since they have very god player yes 1:Taliban 2:Splash 3:Tyrants if you wonder why memefair is not here its because they all suck they are dooky booty and they give me lot and lot of strikes yes Mix your 3 recent emojis mines: 🌈 Also the...
  4. I


    i have multiple premium crate keys what should i do with them
  5. X

    Faction Members Needed!!

    Hey if you have a donator rank and wanna join a faction, reply my message and we will talk about it. And maybe youre the new faction member of N3WB0RN Also let me know youre IGN and Skype name
  6. R

    How Can I Go To The Nether?

    How can I go to the nether on Galactix Factions. When I build the portal and went in, the screen kept turning, but nothing happend. What can I do?
  7. Cr4k3n

    SquidClan - A faction for all

    Greetings fellow players of Pika-Craft and OP-Factions Server 2. I am informing you all on a 'special' occasion that I find to be decent. I am launching my faction, SquidClan. So who are we? Well, we are an early but strong and thriving faction with already a few allies. Our motto: "Greatness...
  8. S

    How to make private chests?

    how to?
  9. E

    Grijpma banned for no reason.

    Hello, i am Potskamp on the pika server and Grijpma is my brother his account , my brother is 11 years old and doesn't even know how to start up minecraft. he got banned yesterday for hacking say's the console but as i say he doesn't even know how to log in and play minecraft. hope someone can...
  10. J


    ik ben geband voor niets en die video was van maand geleden en nu kan ik niets meer ik hadf al eerder unban gekocht mc naam jeroen160101
  11. X

    Searching Donators For Our Faction: Unborn

    We are searching people for our faction Donators only send me a message with your ign and skype
  12. ChaoticPheonix

    PayBack Recruitment application

    Hi I am the owner of PayBack on factions. I want to realise an application to join because I get asked to join about 30 times everyday so heres the application you have to full out. To apply for the faction u must have the following requirements and obey the following rules. Ign: Skype: Are...
  13. Reclesh BZ

    Making video of pika faction

    i need your support guys im making video of pika faction soon help me guys my channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_u_gzSC9mE2LvTJ5dSFdPQ
  14. LexX

    cant login

    ive been trying to login with my password each time i get in and the problem is it kicks me out with having the pass right and whenever i try to register it just says you have already registered this username, like who would have anafuahfawfoiawjfoaf123 as his name???? thats impossible. pls help
  15. SuperRetroBro

    Best way to make a hidden base!

    Hello everyone, Hope you're having a good day. Anyways I wanted the share on how to make a hidden base without getting raided over time. I been playing Factions for almost 5 years, One of my factions only lasted for 2 years before it got raided once in a Server with 300+ players. I love...