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  1. D

    Feed Command Voucher is not working

    I bought 2 Feed Command Voucher in /ah and I used 1 of them after that I went to fight but my hunger went down. So I thought it will work after I die because there was chance for staffs to make it like "feed regeneration after being revived" so I died and I went to fight again and the hunger...
  2. S

    Map error

    Wgen i played 3v3v3v3 bedwars today i was on the orange team. I noticed that there aren't any chests in the orange base. Im talking about the map with the arab styled castles and flying carpets.
  3. S

    Prison problem

    Hello everyone, come on.. Yesterday began to happen this mistake with me in prison. What is this error? Well, I normally enter the server, I put my password and log with my account normally. But when I try to enter the prison, I click and go back to the spawn.. and if I try again, the server...
  4. G

    Shop and Crates Help

    Hello to Who ever reads this I just wane make sure that the staff know about the crates not working in OPskyblock and I was Wondering Why I cant buy any ranks for OPskyBlock Thx in Advance
  5. Clark Adverson

    Crash (Normal Prison)

    Alright, let's just go straight to the point So i was playing in the prison server, going into my plot, wanted to smelt things (Setting up 6 Furnaces, Flying on air) Then when i tried to put my sixth furnace, my game crash I tried to go back into the prison server, but it keep crashing. Don't...
  6. Y

    Unsupported Protocol version 107

    GUUUYS.. Pls help me! i never played the server yet cus i keep getting this error. ;A; I really want to play. can anyone please help me how to get rid of the error??
  7. VoxLight

    Weird Connectivity issues with SB and OpSB [VID][SOLVED]

    9/17/16 Connection Issues: The first issue I had was when I wanted to try out OPSkyBlockl, and upon clicking on the server from the server selection menu (Compass) it would appear to load into the server, however, drop me off at the Main Hub spawn. I didn't think much of it, considering I had...
  8. VoxLight

    {Moved to Skyblock}

    {this thread has been moved to the skyblock section}
  9. T

    MCPE Error

    once i wanted to install mcpe 0.14.2 after i downloaded it , BOOM parse error. After few weeks i said "F*** it, if it doesnt work now then i give up" it magically worked :D ... but now when i try to install minecraft pocket edittion 0.14.3 Parsing error DANG IT ! i have android 4.1.2 and mcpe...