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    Scammed in trade

    Hello Pika, today I got scammed. I don't give a bread on the items and money I gave cuz I only use VIKING KIT and I play for fun, but just as a precaution for people who really care about their items and money they get on this server. His name is Dxxdle_ , BARON rank on the server and I don't...
  2. S

    Deepest apologies -Snowzy

    Hello there pika staff and pika network community, I am here to go over my deepest apologies about what I have done towards staff and the community it’s self , I would like to start of by saying that I believe that actions must have consequences, and for this it is no different sure I have made...
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    Skywars is Ruined!😲

    So I've seen alot of Hackers today they've been using the new Client I forgot the name cause I am not really into hacks I am a fair gamer but I have alot of False Ban but luckily they appeal mine Earlier. So Everyone let's report every Hackers Always make a Screenshot so you won't forget. Let's...