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bed wars

  1. Blackninja127

    Dumb yet interesting bedwars challenge

    View: https://youtu.be/2zq4lbS0Re8?si=djs57OJYX_BJ0TgT
  2. Blackninja127

    Quick quads games while lagging

    View: https://youtu.be/9dkR_dWPQ-o?si=E7r6yIqmIzifspYx
  3. BlakD3mon_

    Minigames Filling up empty spaces in the Lobby

    Username: BlakD3mon_ Suggestion: Filling up empty spaces in the Lobby Detailed description: It's a common sentiment among players that Pika Network's expansive lobbies can sometimes feel barren. While these lobbies provide all the necessary components for games like Bedwars or Skywars...
  4. lxluthor

    Issues in AntiCheat

    Im not sure that the anticheat is banning hackers or legit mates Because in the past weeks many legit players getting ban by the console. I switched to feather and used inbuilt mods still console banning me As you can see the player count in bedwars also decreased I kindly request to change...
  5. HelloItsAK

    Party Broken

    The party system broken and furiating many bedwars player. When in a party, while the leader trys to join, every member get into the game except the leader. This issue have been there for the past few hours and still not fixed. Hope this gets fixed before losing anymore members. as they go for...
  6. Jikacha132

    Ultimate Guide video for Bedwars

    Ultimate Guide for Minecraft Bedwars View: https://youtu.be/MegiZfIzFew Please subscribe and like for more Pika Network content
  7. noChOic2

    Rule no 1

    Don't Play bedwars go outside and touch grass.
  8. noChOic2

    Hello, I am noChOic2

    Hello, I am noChOic2. I am (OG) I am the (BEST)
  9. Otherside

    Read This Staffs :/

    DID pikanetwork changed their anticheat plugins? There are way to many hackers than before they can fly 50 blocks per sec. They can now scaffold faster than sprinting. I am not saying that, its my 1st time to encounter a fly hacker. But after minigame servers got shut down and reopened the...
  10. MCved

    I am getting an unkown issue

    It was all right till day before yesterday. From yesterday I am getting an issue and don't know how to it. It happens every time whenever I enter in a waiting lobby before any game. I was playing on 1.8.9 and to see if the issue still persist I changed my version to 1.19.3 but nothing changed...
  11. A

    ben for consul

    Hello My name is ail1389 , I enter the server with VPN and sometimes I have a lot of lag and my cancel gets banned and I don't play at all in Bedwars, but sometimes I log in to the server and I see that I am banned for chatting in Bedwars for an hour. I am also Ben, please help me, if someone...
  12. B

    Got false ban

    I am literally legit player and got kicked for client modification yall can screenshare me right now unban me
  13. M

    Trying to find the best bedwars players

    Imagine. If an individual were to get the best bedwars players and let them dominate every single game where they are present, This includes tournaments, events, or any game these individuals are present in. Sounds crazy right?.....let Project Mirage be the judge of that. Now you may be asking...
  14. PSPupil

    Bring back a map

    Can you please bring back the old firecracker map. That map was so awesome and beautiful and Personally i really loved it. If possible can you please bring it back and also make generators faster at least gold plz
  15. XyzCraft

    Winning Solo Without Bed In Minecraft Bedwars!

  16. ItsLmb


    My MOST elaborate and confusing editing, go take a look at it ! View: https://youtu.be/Syvkzoa39xE
  17. Fach

    Scanned Minigames Add Guild Quests

    Username: Fqch Suggestion: Add Guild Quests Detailed description: Add a quest system for guilds where the members of a guild can complete missions like "Play 200 Games" to receive Guild XP, Guild Coins or Mystery Boxes. Same way as normal player quests work. Reason(s): This would add more fun...
  18. T

    The LAG Experience || Pikanetwork Bedwars.

    I don't know why my internet was acting up but it sure made some funny clips. Bad internet = Bad Experience View: https://youtu.be/gNhr2X15eMg
  19. Newroliser

    Team formations !!!

    Hello everyone reading this post. I have been looking forward to ask for formation of a bedwars team. If any bedwars team existing or any one forming a new team wants to recruit me into their respective team please contact me on discord. Discord ID : NEWROLISER#2919 Details about my stats and my...
  20. A


    Just a guy playing for fun , but IDK why I meet so much hackers