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bed wars

  1. PSPupil

    Bring back a map

    Can you please bring back the old firecracker map. That map was so awesome and beautiful and Personally i really loved it. If possible can you please bring it back and also make generators faster at least gold plz
  2. XyzCraft

    Winning Solo Without Bed In Minecraft Bedwars!

  3. ItsLmb


    My MOST elaborate and confusing editing, go take a look at it ! View: https://youtu.be/Syvkzoa39xE
  4. Fqch

    Minigames Add Guild Quests

    Username: Fqch Suggestion: Add Guild Quests Detailed description: Add a quest system for guilds where the members of a guild can complete missions like "Play 200 Games" to receive Guild XP, Guild Coins or Mystery Boxes. Same way as normal player quests work. Reason(s): This would add more fun...
  5. T

    The LAG Experience || Pikanetwork Bedwars.

    I don't know why my internet was acting up but it sure made some funny clips. Bad internet = Bad Experience View: https://youtu.be/gNhr2X15eMg
  6. Newroliser

    Team formations !!!

    Hello everyone reading this post. I have been looking forward to ask for formation of a bedwars team. If any bedwars team existing or any one forming a new team wants to recruit me into their respective team please contact me on discord. Discord ID : NEWROLISER#2919 Details about my stats and my...
  7. A


    Just a guy playing for fun , but IDK why I meet so much hackers
  8. A

    Hacker warning

    Beware Howlingwolfgod and Atkala ( Atkala got banned for 3 months by no one but me ) Howlingwolfgod got away because I had no evidence
  9. A

    A way to get access to the bedwars maps?

    Searched in the forums a little but to no avail, so I'm posting a thread asking if there's a section on the website where I can download some of the bedwars maps. Thought some of their builds were cool to make on my world. Here's hoping someone will notice this thread...
  10. FaZe_luar

    Band appeal

    .FaZe_Luar igot band for using MODFI CLIENT / cheat client for no reason and icant play in the server some of the kicks i got it in creative !!! if cmpack client or batmod cheats tall me icant stay get kick and band all the time and im using gloriou model-o-white muse igot 10 to 21 some times...
  11. ItsMayer

    Your TexturePack

    What packs you use ? :unsure::unsure:
  12. T

    Banned for no reason!?

    Hi, So, I've been playing at this server for 3 days and yesterday I got banned while playing bed wars for absolutely no reason. I was just trying to reach the diamond generator and as I was putting blocks I got kicked from the game. I had no kills and generally nothing suspicious. Why did i get...
  13. S

    Unbanned Hackers on BedWars

    I'm very new to the Pika Network server and I recently just started playing Bed Wars. The game is very fun but the thing I dislike about the game are the hackers. I've seen fast bridge, insane reach, and a whole lot more! It's not fun to play by the rules when other players don't. I really hope...