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ban appeal

  1. I

    i got banned for clicking 20cps

    so i was mid fight and i got banned for butterfly clicking 20 cps i have the glorious model 0 so its very possible i dont see how this is a autoclicker so like can i get unbanned
  2. B

    Please Unban me im doing to appeal

    View: https://youtu.be/pq2bXHpwFes?t=787 (1st)
  3. M

    (Ban appeal) for which i was not doing

    Minecraft_leg banned me for no reason i was playing in life steal mining for orese also i was strip mining i have proof that i didnot xray for that you can check that all i mine was in straight line and there was no sudden changes i was strip mining at y=8 i am on 1.16 thats why i cant go below...
  4. rishabhpal


    I got banned for no reason .i was playing in op prison and the server was lagging .i was in pvp and killing some people .And the server first time kicked me for no reason other than client modification .then i logged back in op prison and same happened to me and got kicked and banned for 60 min...
  5. D

    ban for no reason

    there was a person called Crni_ or something like that so all the server saw that he was hacking so i told him to fight me with his sucky hacks so he accepted then i was beating him so bad then he banned me FOR 90 DAYS AND THE REASSON WAS KILLAURA AND I SWEAR I DIDNT DO ANYTHING AT ALL i hope...
  6. NeodgojeniZmaj


    BlackNWhite1 was saying he is racist and saying N word in chat.
  7. S

    Ban appeal

    Hi my name is sexon i get baned yesterday for my name but my real name is Sejo Sexon and I'm comming from Bosnia so i bee gratefull if you can change my nick or just unban me <3
  8. M

    ban appeal plz unban me pika

    Because my wifi is so bad it lookes like I Fly hack plz unban me
  9. Alvinmodelo

    Banned for 7 days for no reason

    bruhhh. the server banned me because im using Client Modification VL 6?! are u serious?!? bruh im not hacking and im just Using Laby Mod to boost my FPS whats the reason to bane me?! Is the Laby Mod Hacked Client?!? the Answer is NO its just Boosting my FPS bruhhh and also im voting on that...
  10. M

    Ban appeal

    So i just drag clicked like 30/35 cps and i got banned for one hour. I didnt use any hacks and any cheats i used my software for my mouse and set the reduce time to 4 ms. Please fix this cilent notification!
  11. B

    Ban appeal

    Ign: BRADZAJA Im stuck in block and when i log on server ban me. Im banned for Client Modification http://prntscr.com/12j1v7w
  12. L

    so uh i got banned by an anti bot filter

    hi,im new here this is my 2nd day using pika net, i was just playing some bedwars yesterday and when i woke up,i opened my minecraft and it says that myusername "lolgaming7509" has been detected by an anti bot filter,i am asking to please ban me so it doesn't ruin my day thank you and have a...
  13. 1

    Hello, recently I have been falsely banned for using Huzuni. The video pika proclaimed that was me is here.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzA-Pxakgg4 My user is 14BlocksLeft and I was not in this video. Pika please unban me.
  14. solimon


    Today i just woke up and came online. I go on factions and get kicked for 'client modifications'. This sometimes happens to me if i glitch into a block but i was at spawn so there's no chance of that. I go on again and get a 1 day ban on both my accounts??? Does anybody know why this is...
  15. S

    I was wrongly banned

    I was just playing bedwars and i got kicked and permanently banned It said i was using a hack client when I wasn't? Pls unban me I know many people who have also been wrongly banned My IGN is Stefilol_
  16. D

    Pls unban me

    Hi, I have started playing in 2020 in pikanetwork minecraft server. A guy asked in the chat saying 'Someone send me the ip' I thought he was asking for some fun and I just replied him some number and I got banned within 1 min. I know I broke the rules and I am sorry for it. Pls unban me from...
  17. mcergic11

    Plsss reply with your thoughts

    Pikachu baned me on Discord. Please help me get unbanned or else I will eat ur cookie :). https://prnt.sc/wnk9vb
  18. M

    i got banned for client modification by console

    I entered my skyblock island just now and i was glitching on a dirt block and the server kicked me , i went back and tried to crouch and move out but it again kicked me , then i tried the third time and tried to break the dirt block i was on , but before i could break it i was banned for 1hr. i...
  19. X

    I found an Hacker in Bedwars

    His Name is jeewishspongebob he used Skaffold walk and nonockback please Keep an eye on him!
  20. MrTunaK

    I get ban for nothing?

    Firstly i am sorry for my bad english because i am Turkish. I was fighting with MercuryGFX -he was staff- and i was hitting while jumping because i want to hit critical then MercuryGFX ban me. I got ban at 2020-02-01. I was just want to hit critical. My nickname is 'ImMuniez'. I was Legend in...