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ban appeal bug

  1. M

    Ban appeal

    So i just drag clicked like 30/35 cps and i got banned for one hour. I didnt use any hacks and any cheats i used my software for my mouse and set the reduce time to 4 ms. Please fix this cilent notification!
  2. M

    Ban Appeal

    I was playing op factions i was killing zombie pigmans and i got banned for "[FACTIONS]derp-hack" i dont have any hack,console ban me without reason,my ig nick is mate,thanks for help
  3. T

    Anti Bot Filter issue

    This was a mistake, unban? I dunno why your anti bot filter recognized me as a bot, so if u can fix this so I can play, I would be very greatfull. Thanks in advance =) Edit: My username is 'tifi' Edit2: I'm sending this from my brothers network service, so thats why the ip is...
  4. StoPizza

    Got banned by an Anti Bot - Filter.

    Hey, I'm using 2 alts to afk in my island which is allowed andI got banned in both of them and also on my main which I haven't been AFK on. The usernames that I used to afk with: CristyR OSCR_ And my main which I haven't been even AFK on: StoPizza Thanks, Koren.