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    Whats good yall

    Peace dooood :3
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    KitPvP Suggestion Regarding KitPvP Reset (If it gets resetted someday)

    A huge +1 from me, as I personally play kit pvp a lot and i can relate. I also made a similar suggestion but it hasnt been reviewed, anyways good luck !
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    Prison Suggestion: New prison!!

    +1 For sure dude, really laggy and super dead.
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    Im back second time.

    Good Luck ma doood
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    KitPvP New Kit-Pvp Map

    Much love and much appreciated, yes we really need an update!
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    KitPvP New Kit-Pvp Map

    Yep, best times and best map, Thanks for the feedback <3
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    BedWars BedWars leaderboard

    +1 I think this'll be a lit thing if they add it :)
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    KitPvP New Kit-Pvp Map

    I just noticed that my suggestion has reached 2 pages, I am extremely proud of the community that they are seeing what other people want for this server, I wish everyones suggestion is accepted and i hope this suggestion is also implemented. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys, Much love to all <3
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    Best hiding spot in kitpvp

    next sherlock season, you should be the main hero my friend.
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    Accepted PracticePvP Add /realname

    +1, would make it easier to ban hackers and it'd be a lot easier for the staff too.
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    KitPvP New Kit-Pvp Map

    Appreciate it dude. Much love <3
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    Message for Staffs and Members! - PRISON

    I, sometimes play prison and i too find many problems like that so you get a massive +1 from me dude. Good Luck :)
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    KitPvP New Kit-Pvp Map

    Much love, brother <3
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    KitPvP KitPvP Suggestions

    +1 for sure, i also made a suggestion on the kit pvp map check it out:
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    KitPvP Fire Resistance

    Neutral [+]Non donors will be able to kill the donators who have fire aspect on their sword. [-]For the hackers, it will be easy to kill as they have god knows what sort of hacks and they can get OP real fast and basically wipe out the whole server if they get any donator kit.