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Recent content by parv23

  1. parv23

    BedWars Make it so you cant drop your sword

    Sometimes we have to give our sword to teammates.
  2. parv23

    Cant get vote keys.

    Thanks for the suggestion (6th word)
  3. parv23

    Starting Your Own Shop

    Thanks :D ( I hate this 6 words filter)
  4. parv23

    If anyone needs help In-game

    Nice to see someone like you in this community.
  5. parv23

    Why my mobsuit is not leveling up?

    i did (6 word why pika )
  6. parv23

    Its annoying

    Its annoying when a player grind too long and don't let other players grind. Specialy during the time of reset when only a bunch of people have blaze spawners
  7. parv23

    Accepted OP SkyBlock Replant 1

    Great idea but I want it to be in category of crazy enchantment rather than blackmarket.
  8. parv23

    Is there any profit of great reporter rank?

    I have 100% acceptance rate (just 2 players reported till now)
  9. parv23

    Denied Minigames Eggwars

    +1 No matter how many updates you get they are gonna deny it by saying they don't want to copy other servers.
  10. parv23

    Is there any profit of great reporter rank?

    How do you get great reporter role
  11. parv23

    I need videos ideas

    Playing Bedwars until randon person parties me (be nicked) Playing Bedwars as level 1 player(using a alt) Covering bed with every type of blocks available in bedwars Covering bed with many layers of obsidian Building a castle in bedwars Etc
  12. parv23

    No Vote Keys :(

    If you think it is a bug then post it in bug report. Also I will suggest you to attach a vedio with evidence
  13. parv23

    Remove Gas station map

    You can just take a screenshot if you see someone doing that
  14. parv23

    Why my mobsuit is not leveling up?

    Nice 6 words limit huh jsksk
  15. parv23

    The First Behoper ive seen on pika

    I once saw a person with 33 cps in practice pvp