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Recent content by Navythe_slayer

  1. Navythe_slayer

    Prison not working

    Yeah, It might be like OP skyblock where it hasn't been done for a whole year. So i would not get you're hope up.
  2. Navythe_slayer

    So what is happening?

    Just want something from the owners so at least tell what is going on on OPSkyblock and OPPrison since they are both down and have been for the longest time. Paid ranks on both and just dissapointed that its still down for so long.
  3. Navythe_slayer

    AFK Pools

    Some are allowed, some are not allowed. You can check if you read the rules on every server. Do keep im mind that this is a permanent ban I believe ... for the ones that don't allow them ;).
  4. Navythe_slayer

    4 Words game!

    I like propane's accessories.
  5. Navythe_slayer

    What happened to the old pika

    What I was trying to say is that, what I've been reading was painful to read with all the misspelled and two word sentences. I'm just going to say that if you had some sort of auto correct on it'll make things alot more sense. It'll also look alot nicer than what you had made. I don't know if...
  6. Navythe_slayer

    What happened to the old pika

    I think you forgot to turn on your auto correct.
  7. Navythe_slayer

    Read Me XD

  8. Navythe_slayer


    So wait ... First of all just wanna say that grammar Is on point 10/10 . "I think you didn't ban me" where you high when making this post? If your using windows try using the application snipping tool to take a screenshot of the problem as it will be easy to see what's going on. It just makes...
  9. Navythe_slayer


    Lol who cares. Why make such a big fuss about it and then complain about it. If you think the staff are lazy then why don't you go apply for staff and do it yourself. But I must say that you look like a tasty apple to nibble on ;)
  10. Navythe_slayer


    bully_hunter77 has joined the server.
  11. Navythe_slayer

    Update Faction Reset?!

    Good job!
  12. Navythe_slayer

    I'm vegan

    Say where is boris anyways?
  13. Navythe_slayer

    best ways too make money fast?

    Grinding exp for enchanted books is a nice way to make quick cash ... Starting your own little enchant shop would be nice.