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  • It's not okay to ban people that are not using hacks :) i appealed 3 times and he still change it to denied.
    U got me a new account But ALL my shit is gone my perms my level my stuff my money my kills
    I sent you a friend request
    and I got unban but I still don't know if it still in my inv I don't want to get banned again
    MrFrenco hi I got ban again bro when I tried to login and play creative plz remove it from my inv it still help
    gast je weet dat squidHQ geen Cracked launcher is try it dat is voor blacklisted server's van mc die je niet kan joinen ma met die launcher wel kunt joinen >.>
    yo ingame name-Delfonce,getting the "you are already ingame" error mind helping out?
    I lost my plot please read my latest conversation to you or go at bug reports
    can you help me i got banned for no reason.I joined the server when it was said cant resolve the hostname and when i join i got banned and that was anti bit filter help me
    idk how to help you but you can ss an admin or a mod for help in discord
    Hello fam,
    please tell me your In Game username, so I can solve the problem.
    Hello Dad <3
    Hi boy.
    Hello there! please say to owner that we want EGGWARS and BUILDWARS back, please!!
    These games are the bests <3 !!!
    hi mr admin Im playing prison but why is there hitting me in the prison spawn and I cant see him
    something is wrong in the prison server
    Hi can u unban me please ? i just spam my pearl checking our villager grinder if our faction member can go inside it then i got banned by console
    MrFrenco i got banned again by the console in the op fac when i was grinding my ping is at 200 then it turns to 1k then i got banned
    mrfrenco you to shut up you are a kiddo
    Why does it always say username already exist when i register
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