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  1. lastlegend50

    Bedwars .............

    View: https://youtu.be/_Dw9ng9i9Zs
  2. lastlegend50

    Some fps friendly motion blur shaders

    Suggest Some good motion blur shaders
  3. lastlegend50


    View: https://youtu.be/WDlfV5R_VBc
  4. lastlegend50

    Minigames Add /spectate for Elite

    Bois are still waiting for this to get accepted
  5. lastlegend50

    Jartex Skywars PRO Tries Pika Skywars

    damn you just wrote a long essay
  6. lastlegend50

    Sweats 16x pack

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/iuwafcrwhq6mx81/Sweats_16x.zip/file* here its Enjoy :coffee: ......... . .
  7. lastlegend50

    Sweats 16x pack

    View: https://youtu.be/556Rk4VDwIc
  8. lastlegend50

    Skywars is, quite literally, unplayable.

    bro are u speedrunning for staff? its time waste to report them as they keep bypassing the ip ban and bots are everywhere. You cannot realize the pain of non ranked players in pika skywars
  9. lastlegend50

    Skywars is, quite literally, unplayable.

    yes thats why i shifted to bedwars. Pika skywars is now sht
  10. lastlegend50


  11. lastlegend50


  12. lastlegend50

    Hi dead man

    Hi dead man
  13. lastlegend50

    Banned by Alparo_

    wait I thought sending other server ips were allowed in party chat
  14. lastlegend50

    BedWars New Gamemode "Weekend Special"

    Damn +1 from me great idea
  15. lastlegend50