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  1. ItZiiko_

    Update Classic SkyBlock - Reset | November The 25th 2022

    After years of waiting it finally came back! Can't wait to try it out
  2. ItZiiko_

    Lifesteal Adding /oncekit

    Do not compare lifesteal to Opp and Opsb, lifesteal has a slow eco and having the most op stuff in the game at the first day gives a huge advatnage, and also Lifesteal is highly pvp based
  3. ItZiiko_

    Lifesteal Adding /oncekit

    "Good netherite pickaxe" isn't netherite stuff?
  4. ItZiiko_

    Lifesteal Adding /oncekit

    If the once kit was only crate keys I would agree with it. I don't like the idea that higher ranks would start with a huge advantage with their netherite stuff
  5. ItZiiko_

    Denied Global Rules

    it is but only premium users can have it
  6. ItZiiko_

    Lifesteal Adding /oncekit

    there shouldn't be more buffs to the ranks, it would just ruin the fun of playing, lootboxes are already enough and so are the perks for the ranks, don't compare lifesteal ranks to other gamemodes ranks.
  7. ItZiiko_

    congrats but aqua rank was better

    congrats but aqua rank was better
  8. ItZiiko_


    You can use spawners to grind and sell the loot out of it for money in /shop, enchanted villager spawners are the most worth. Mob chests/infinite chest may also help you as they stock the loot you get from grinding mobs directly (it must be in the same chunk as you are grinding in). Sellwands...
  9. ItZiiko_


    Use dusts to higher/lower the percentage of success/destroy
  10. ItZiiko_


    Lifebloom doesn't work Overload max is 4
  11. ItZiiko_


    Use the command /ce there are all the enchants you might need for grinding/pvping etc
  12. ItZiiko_

    player abuse pls help pls help

    Why do you have to post the same thing when it has been already said
  13. ItZiiko_

    OPSkyblock Rotating Blackmarket reset time

    That's the whole point of it, if the time is shown the rewards will be less rare and easier to get so you have to point out when it does reset