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Recent content by illuminatiguyNL

  1. illuminatiguyNL

    Denied Global /afk msg

    Username: illuminatiguyNL Suggestion: /afk msg Detailed description: i think it would be a good idea that if someone is in /afk and a person /msg that person it will send the messenger (the person that did /msg) a msg like "(!) this player is afk". Reason(s): if im afk i get alot of msg's and...
  2. illuminatiguyNL

    Update Survival - Help us with next the update! | July the 12th 2021

    pls make it that if a player used /afk and someone /msg him the person that messaged him gets a notification that the person they msgd is afk
  3. illuminatiguyNL

    aint getting the gem boxes

    hello staff members and other people that read this thread. i used to not know about when i would get a gem box and now i searched on when i get a gem box and i found out when i should get it. but the problem is i already shouldve got like 5 gem boxes but didnt get em. pls fix this issue or...
  4. illuminatiguyNL

    [GUIDE] | How to play OP Prison (BASICS)

    can u pls add how to use gem boxes cuz i mined 144K blocks and cant find where my gem boxes are edit: nvm i just heard it is broken
  5. illuminatiguyNL

    /class elf

    i mean like does it come back in december or just never (cuz i think it sound like christmas)
  6. illuminatiguyNL

    /class elf

    does it come back? cuz i wanna buy it
  7. illuminatiguyNL

    Change player level #68 / up slime spawn rates

    i completly agree with this i found a huge swamp biome with a village and i was there for 2 days but i found 1 slime
  8. illuminatiguyNL

    hedi if its a bug and u abused it u can get banned too :I

    hedi if its a bug and u abused it u can get banned too :I