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    BedWars Spectator Mode (2nd attempt)

    Hello player , Once bedwars is added ; i'm sure that it will be added or a command that is similar to this will be added. For now we can not do anything , just wait until bedwars get updated and till that ; If you faced any rulebreaker on Pika-network ; Please report them right here ...
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    What happened?

    Answer has been given LOCKED.
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    evidence dont mind dis

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    Server is Bad

    Hello player , If you found a bug on Pika-network , Please report it right here : If you have forgot you'r password , Please make a password reset request right here: LOCKED.
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    I Need Help!

    Hello player , Survival got updated , i believe this bug doesn't exist anymore. LOCKED.
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    Thanks Console for the legit bann Thanks

    Hello player , The console of the server sometimes make some false bans , If you have ever got banned ; appeal right here > LOCKED.
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    How can I get youtube rank?

    Hello player , We currently have no Youtube rank , once we have ; we will announce about it and everyone will know what is the requierments. Thank you and have a good day, LOCKED.
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    Refreshing FTop

    Hello player , Factions server is currently dead and got many bugs on it . so actually we need to wait for a reset for this gamemode until it get refreshed , Bugs will be gone. NOTE: We ; staff members has no information about when will any gamemode get resetted , only owners ( Gunfire ...
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    OPSkyblock owners dont give a frick anymore

    Hello player , OpSkyblock is currently outdated , Once it gets updated , everything will be fine , also ; only owners can update/fix bugs on the server , so staff members has nothing to do with it. LOCKED.
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    BedWars Bedwars Update!

    +1 Reasons are given above.
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    Old times and also some things about me.

    Hey dude , I have read this and now my mom has travelled away my country , i guess i should not share my private information but this thread has affected me. I'm really sad for you and i feel sorry about you'r mom. We all have bad times you know , and this is life , We lose , we win , and...
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    Hey , You can't buy any rank on Prison/OPPrison because they are not updated yet , once it gets updated you will be able to buy ranks on it. We have no clue about when is the update will be , all what we going to do is wait and be patient for it.
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    Currently you can't do anything with it , But after it gets updated you will be able to use for kits/ Other features.
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    Login denied

    Please PM a helper+ at discord for fixing this probelm.
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    I changed my mc name but forgot rank wouldnt transfer

    Make a payment realted ticket.