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Recent content by aravindispro

  1. aravindispro

    Denied BedWars trigger warning msg for mining fatigue trap

    Username: aravindispro Suggestion: trigger warning msg for mining fatigue trap Detailed description: i think its really annoying that u dont get a warning msg while having a mining fatigue trap.it makes the trap completely useless in certain cases .i think a small change like this can make...
  2. aravindispro

    The real gamers

    found this in my folder
  3. aravindispro

    Elites should get /nick access

    They should add a feature to like Nick only the rank I have elite rank in my main and it miserable I get targeted almost every 1 in 2 games and I am forced to play sws
  4. aravindispro

    iron currency expiry

    after how much days does iron currency expires after recieved
  5. aravindispro

    someone help

    i have been getting this error message whenever i type pls teel what i can do
  6. aravindispro

    new gamemode?

    anyone know which gamemode it is?
  7. aravindispro

    Denied Minigames /stats <playername> feature in bedwars and skywars

    Username: aravindispro Suggestion: /stats <playername> feature in bedwars and skywars Detailed description: /stats <playername> can be used to see others bedwars and skywars statistics like how we are able to see our stats through the npc in the respective lobby like in bedwars we can see our...
  8. aravindispro

    Hacking in BEDWARS

    15 fps man is a legend
  9. aravindispro

    Rmb cps cap

    Couple days ago i bought a new mouse which can butterfly click i get about 20 cps in both clicks and lmb is completely fine for me but rmb clicks everytime when i click around 20 cps the clicks does not feel like registering . Is it my issue or the server cps cap if it is the cps cap of the...
  10. aravindispro

    not important but yeah

    i have seen many people have this thing where ur no of kills can be seen when u kill some1 ingame how do u get that i
  11. aravindispro

    got a doubt someone help

    pika added a feature where u can exchange vote token for iron currency so if i get 1000 iron(100 vote tokens)and buy vip (or any other rank like elite for 3000 iron) is that lifetime rank or for a particular amount of time
  12. aravindispro

    looking for a guild

    looking for a guild
  13. aravindispro

    Exchange of vote tokens

    can anyone explain how to exchange vote token for iron currency and to buy rank with it in detail . please it would help me out a ton