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  • Jeez yesterday i play skywars on the server and the problem is that every game i joined i find cheaters and not normal cheaters they also team up on me and so rude i caugh them in 8K lol and i will upload a vid
    this server minigames are epic i mean you easly lose ur ws if u got kicked by a stupid system and when u rejoin u find ur bed destroyed,How ?????? someone flyed and break it from no where
    Pika Network The Best MiniGames Server
    I want to talk ab out Mini Games
    First: for bed wars solos and duos I like the new maps but there is one problem is the shopkeeper it will be nice if the stuff add pop-tower or bridge egg also the kb stick are so expansive 10 gold ??? that so hard to get

    Second: bed wars triples and quadruples I like to see invis pots or glass yeah I know there is clay but class is so easy to break yeah
    and yeah about sky wars its nice but the kits are so expansive to buy and the kits are so bad I mean why most of the kits are useless like the troll kit
    and also there is a kits that u need to play for a whole year to get to the max like the enderman kit I mean how should I get it fast do I need to play for more hours to get more coins I don't have the time
    also the maps are empty the server like pay to win I need a rank for spectate and I need a rank for select the maps and I need a rank for use cosmetics and I need a rank to get achievements and I need a rank for opening mystery box I need a rank
    omg I was going to report but...
    I find this
    that cute...
    :cry:poor golem he died after this


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    LOL i'll post it in twitter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    • 2021-09-24_15.58.47.png
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    6 tall cactus in the survival world how rare is this ?


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