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Global UHC


Sep 21, 2020
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Detailed description:
Ultra Hardcore (UHC) is a custom gamemode, similar to Hardcore, with the main difference being players cannot naturally regenerate health.

In Ultra Hardcore, players cannot naturally regenerate health, and must use potions, suspicious stews or golden apples to do so instead. The main goal of Ultra Hardcore is either to defeat the ender dragon or defeat all of the other players in PVP. Like regular Hardcore, players cannot respawn if they die. Ultra Hardcore may be played either individually or in teams of a set number.

Welcome to Minecraft UHC (Ultra Hardcore)! Minecraft UHC is a gamemode originally conceptualized by the Mindcrack team. In UHC Minecraft, there is non natural health regeneration, meaning that the only way to re-gain hearts is by eating golden apples or making health potions​

UHC is a very fun gamemode especially for people who play build uhc on the practice server, or people who just want to play uhc.

This gamemode gives more variety to the server rather than the standard games such as bedwars, skywars, kitpvp, skyblock, and practice.

This gives the server more attention to the uhc hunters, or people who find a good uhc server to play on.

This may or may not give the players a more server feeling as, just playing on the standard games can be sometimes boring and may have to switch servers to play a diffrent gamemode such as the bridge, uhc, hcf, etc.

I really think UHC should be added as an alternative to other people bored on bedwars, skywars or people who just wanna play UHC.​


Pika Lover
Nov 22, 2017
For me, it would be boring to be very honest. Since I played many UHC games, but it is very hard to find a cave. If they could some how make caves common, more animals spawn naturally and features that are different from other servers. Then it would be interesting, fun and worth to try.