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TO PIKA Staff by id ahmedbossop


Jun 30, 2022
Hi Pika Staff i want to say that i need to play on pika network csb i read your msg and i want to play cause no server is best than pika is the best server i ever played i want to play plz unban me i dont want to waste my time cause my school goona start and i block glicht thats why i got banned and the reason i glitch is some players like farsi10__ misuse and ganked me every time and i promise that i will never do again cause in 12 days i practice my aim alot and plz unban me and i promissed that i wont block glitched again plz have some mercy on me plz unbane me i will be very grateful to you
and yeah this is my new account to appeal im using window 7 cause that i cant download a vpn thx
TO PIKA STAFF PLZ SEE IT by ahmedbossop