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Survival Claiming Guide


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Jun 27, 2017

Survival Claiming Guide

To protect your land in Survival, you will need to create a claim. PikaNetwork uses a plugin called GriefPrevention to do this. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about claiming.

What is a Claim?
A claim is an area of protected land which players cannot build, break, or pillage unless they are trusted. Everything from bedrock to maximum build height is protected. Claim borders are visualized by temporary markings of gold blocks and glowstone. Claims are also known as "top-level claims", there are subclaims as well that will be talked about later.​

What are Claimblocks?

Claims work on a system of "Claim Blocks", of which you earn 100 every hour. They cannot be cheated by idling. Each block in a claim uses one of your claim blocks. Claim blocks are split into two categories: "blocks from play" and "bonus". On PikaNetwork, you can earn a maximum of 5000 claim blocks from your playtime. However, there is no limit on how many bonus claim blocks you can have.​

You can earn bonus claim blocks in many ways:

Buying from other players​
Completing Player Levels​
Upgrading your Clan Level​
Winning from Crates
Purchasing from the Mystery Wizard​
Purchasing a Rank

Creating a Claim

There are three methods for creating a claim:

1. Creating a claim by placing down your first chest

If you have not yet made a claim and place a chest, it will automatically claim a 9x9 area. Make sure to remove the claim if you decide to move to a new area so you can get the Claim Blocks back.​

2. Creating a claim using a command

You can use the command /claim and it will create a 9x9 claim. If you have enough claim blocks, you can also specify the size. E.g. /claim 10. The size you input will be the number of blocks from you to the new border of the claim so the example would create a 21x21 claim.​

3. Creating a claim with the Golden Shovel

Creating a claim with the golden shovel is simple. You can obtain a golden shovel by claiming your starter kit with /kit. Hold out your golden shovel and right-click on the ground where you want the first corner of your claim to be. While still holding the golden shovel in your hand, walk over to the spot where you want the second corner of your claim to be and right-click it. Claims must be over 100 blocks in size.​

Trusting Players

By default, nobody will be able to build or do anything on your claim, not even your clan members. If you want to add someone to your claim, there is a set of commands you can use that give various levels of access.​

Access trust

Allows the player to interact with buttons, levers, doors, and use /sethome, but not access any containers or chests.​
Command: /accesstrust <player>

Container trust

Allows the player to use chests and containers, as well as all the permissions from access trust.​
Command: /containertrust <player>

Build trust

Allows the player to place and break things inside the claim, as well as all the permissions from the container and access trust.​
Command: /trust <player>

Permission trust

Allows the player to trust other players within the claim. However, this is separate from other trust levels. Players with permission trust can only trust other players to their level of trust (e.g: If a player has container trust and permission trust, then the player is able to give other players container trust but not build trust). Players with permission trust are not able to give other players permission trust.​
Command: /permissiontrust <player>
By standing outside a claim when trusting people, you can add them to all of your claims in that world.​
To view who is trusted, stand in your claim and type /trustlist.​

Trusting everyone (Advanced)

The claim owner can add the public to different permission levels. Replace the <player> on any of the trust commands with the word public, all, or everyone e.g. /containertrust public. Of course, you can also use /untrust public to remove the public from different trust levels. Note that the public cannot have permission trust.​
It is not recommended to use this in your main claim, only a subclaim.

Untrusting players

To remove trust from a player, simply stand in the claim you want them to be removed from and type /untrust <playername>. By standing outside a claim when untrusting people, you can remove them from all of your claims in that world.​

Viewing Claims

While holding a stick in your hand, you can right-click within a claim to view the borders. The main claim will be marked in gold blocks and glowstone whereas subclaims will be iron blocks and white wool. You can also view a list of all of your claims and their coordinates using the command /claimslist. The claims list will only show overworld and nether claims made in the world you are currently in e.g. blueworld.​

Resizing a Claim

There are two methods to resize a claim:

1. Resizing a claim with the Golden Shovel

Simply right-click one of the corners of your claim, then right-click the new corner to resize it.​

2. Resizing a claim using a command

Hold your golden shovel, then face the direction you wish to make bigger or smaller and simply type the command /extendclaim <number of blocks>. To make it smaller, just input negative numbers e.g. /extendclaim -5.​

Claim Explosions

By default, explosions are disabled. To enable explosions inside a claim, stand inside it and type /claimexplosions. This will only allow explosions temporarily and will reset when the server restarts.​

Removing Claims

To remove a claim, stand inside it and type /abandonclaim. You will then be given back the claim blocks to use with other claims. In addition, you can use /abandonallclaims to remove all of your claims and regain all of your claim blocks back. You will get a confirmation message before the claims are removed, all you need to do is type /abandonallclaims confirm. The abandonallclaims command will only remove the overworld and nether claims made in the world you are currently in e.g. blueworld. To remove a claim that also has subclaims, use the command /abandontoplevelclaim. This will delete the main claim and all of its subdivisions.​

Subdividing Claims (Advanced)

What are subclaims?

Basically, a subclaim is a normal claim that is created inside an existing claim. Subclaims don't use up any claim blocks. This is especially useful for setting up towns where you would only give players permission to build in their own plot. Subclaims are not limited by size and can be as small as one block, they are marked out by temporary iron blocks and white wool. Subdivisions will inherit the permissions from your top-level claim unless you type /restrictsubclaim while standing inside that subclaim. Only the owner of the main claim can create subclaims within it.​

Creating a subclaim

To create a subclaim, stand in the claim you want to subdivide, hold a golden shovel and type /subdivideclaim. Then click two corners as you do with a normal claim but it must be within the top-level claim.​

Resizing a subclaim

It is the same as resizing a normal claim. Hold your golden shovel and right-click the corner of the subclaim, then right-click the new corner while still holding the shovel. You can also use the /extendclaim command to resize them.​

Removing a subclaim

Stand inside the subclaim you want to remove and type /abandonclaim.​

Chest and Door Protection

To protect items in chests, PikaNetwork uses a plugin called LockettePro.

<a:Chest:821478273807679508> Chest and door protection <:Oak_Door:821443447436083211>

Hold a sign in your hand, then right-click a chest or any lockable block. To lock a door, right-click either the door itself or the block above and below the door. Also, you can manually type [Private] on signs as well. If you want to prevent it from automatically locking, you will need to shift+right-click instead.​

Adding more users

Right-click the sign you want to add more people on and use the command /lock <line number> <player name>. If you need to add more people, you can add another sign. It should say [More Users] on the first line.​


If you lock an iron door, you can just right-click the door to open it without needing any redstone. You can also add timers to doors so that they will automatically close after a set time. First, lock the door, then right-click the sign and type /lock 3 [timer:x]. Replace the x with the number of seconds you want the door to stay open.​

All claiming commands

/claim, /createclaim - Creates a claim.​
/accesstrust, /at - Gives permission to use buttons, levers, and beds.​
/containertrust, /ct - Gives permission to use containers and animals.​
/trust - Gives another player permission to build in your claim.​
/permissiontrust, /pt - Gives a player permission to trust others.​
/trustlist - Lists the permissions for the claim you're standing in.​
/untrust, /ut - Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim.​
/untrust all - Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.​
/claimslist, /listclaims - List all your claims in that world.​
/extendclaim, /resizeclaim - Resizes your claim.​
/claimexplosions - Toggles if explosions are allowed in the claim.​
/subdivideclaim - Switches your shovel to subdivision mode.​
/restrictsubdivide, /restrictsubclaim, /rsc - Restricts a subclaim.​
/basicclaims, /bc - Puts your shovel back in basic claims mode.​
/abandonclaim, /unclaim - Deletes the claim you're standing in.​
/abandonallclaims - Removes all your claims in that world.​
/abandontoplevelclaims - Removes a claim and its subclaims.​
/trapped, /tr - Gets a player out of a land claim he's trapped inside.​
/givepet - Gives away a tamed animal.​
/unlockdrops - Lets other players pick up items you dropped when you died.​
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