Suggestions Blast: Introduction



Sep 10, 2018

So, have you ever wanted to get your suggestions noticed or implemented but either don't have time to post it(because you're lazy) or just don't have trust in you and think it might get denied? Well, suggestions blast is made for stuff like this, if you want to get an idea across for the network, I will help take care of that for you. I will even make sure there is no grammar mistake and will try to fix up the idea to sounds better than it is. But, the point of it is to show that you should always just express your suggestions and do your best with it. Every week, I will blast suggestions from suggestions I am sent from others. If there is none this week, then I won't post anything. I will always credit your ideas and give you the heads up on it as well to keep you updated. Now, I will show you how it works and how to do it.


Here is how it will work, you will send me your suggestions(format is below), and I will review it to make sure it fits the Minevibe rules, to make sure that I can post it and it isn't inappropriate, and I will see if this idea isn't taken yet. If it passes the verification test, I will give you a heads up telling you that you're good and I will gladly add your idea on next week's suggestions blast. Then, when it is time for suggestions blast, I will post your idea and your name under to credit your idea on the suggestions blast. Then, whoever will check the suggestions will most likely keep me updated by telling me if the idea got accepted or denied. If your idea got accepted, I will message you via forums telling you that your idea got accepted. If it got denied, I will message you saying your idea got denied and why it did. But, just know that you can message the person who denied your idea, not me as I am just providing it, not controlling the ideas. You can always message the person who denied the ideas, as I will direct you to the person who did or not. Now you know how it works, why not give it a try.

[B]Suggestions Name[/B]: <your answer here>
[B]Your IGN[/B]: <your answer here>
[B]Idea Description[/B]: <your answer here>
[B]How can this affect the server[/B]: <your answer here>

I am not expecting you to write a lot and you don't have to, but the more explanation, the more I can try to tune in your idea and make it more appealing than I can. Please copy and paste the format and message it to me, don't post it here as people can steal your idea. Can't wait to see your ideas.

~ Diamond