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    Reason for the actualization of the Project:

    Hello survival players! As we all know a great amount of people have left the lovely Survival server. The popularity of it proves to be so low in comparison to the old Survival. It is such a big distress seeing this happening. The saddest thing though is to let this go and pretend as if nothing alarming happens. Hence, in order to be resolved the specific issue I decided to start a project that intends to revive Survival. Of course, you might be wondering how this advanced Survival server is going to look like. My main purpose is to make it similar to the Survival of 2014 when it comes to the community and the warps. Of course, this entails the construction of a bunch of public buildings by a team in order to be reversed the case and to be accented the prosperity of Survival. All in all, I present you my plan:

    - The ’SupClub’ city, a place where new players will be able to: enjoy our facilities (many kinds of shops, parks etc), build and live safely near others.

    - Endershop where players will be able to buy anything they need so as to survive in good prices.

    - Warp DropParty where players will be able to host their own drop parties.

    - TreasureHunt map where treasure hunt events will be hosted with amazing awards.

    -Warp PvPersUnite, basically a huge pvp arena + lounge where pvp events will be hosted.

    The team of the project + requirements to join:

    In order to be achieved all those goals described above I will need a team. This team will consist of 10 hardworking players that I am going to cooperate with so as to complete the project faster and easier. However, if you opt to join the team you must fulfil some requirements:

    1) You must be active. Inactivity will get you kicked from the team seeing that it is going to make us fall back on the plan.

    2) You must be kind. Negative attitude towards the other teammates is never appreciated and will get you kicked from the team.

    3) You must be imaginative. This is a project that requires much building. This means that we do need multiple ideas.

    4) You must be responsive. Neglecting everyone in the team or giving late responses will cause lack of communication and as a result lack of efficacy.

    5) You must have at least a ts3 or discord account with a view to communicating easier with us.

    Rules of the project:

    If you have read carefully all of the requirements and you fullfil them then you can apply to become staff on our project. However, if you hanker for applying you have to take into consideration some basic rules in order to be avoided any possible form of abuse. We need to be as efficient as possible and not waste time for rulebreakers among our work. To sum up, I present you the desired regulations:

    - Do not grief our work.

    - Do not steal items from the project.

    - Do not claim the existing land as it is going to be used for the project. Possible bases/claims nearby will be instantly removed.

    - Do not tpaccept non-team members in the region of the project.

    How to join the team:

    So, after you have read both requirements and rules and want to apply to join the team you will have to send me a personal message via forums and answer the following questions:

    - Do you have much experience when it comes to building?

    - Which types of building you prefer more?

    - For how long are you available every day?

    - Why do you want to join us?

    - Are you going to be inactive soon for some reason?

    The answers can be short but explanatory as well.

    Extra information about the warps/events:

    Different warps and stuff are not described in detail because we do not really want to spoil the whole plan but just to give you the general idea. Events referred above will be announced in separate threads. Also when the team is completed the goals will be raised and probably even more, awesome, public and functional buildings will be on the way! So, stay tuned for a big rebirth!


    To sum up, this is pretty much the project. I really hope you liked the idea. Well, if you did be sure to leave a like and reply to this thread!
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    And how to apply for it?
  3. Wither

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    Send me a private message on forums answering the questions above ^
  4. Gideon/Leo

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    I'm applying :p #RevivalOfSurvival
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    I will help out!
  6. Wither

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    Update: We got a discord group for the team. Feel free to join, 5 members left.
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    I hope to see the spots fill up!
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    and u already know that I am in as well =)
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