Update Removing Unfair Advantages for competitive gamemodes

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May 30, 2016
Hello, dear PikaNetwork players!

As some of you may have noticed, the EULA is changing, which has forced many servers to modify their gameplay and system in order to meet the new EULA terms.

After a back-and-forth conversation with Mojang, we will be making a series of significant changes mainly to our Factions gamemode, in regards to store-bought items giving an advantage to players that purchased them. (From our understanding, all of the other gamemodes follow the guidelines, with an exception of Factions and OpFactions due to its competitive and rewarding system.)

That's why today, I am announcing that we will no longer be releasing new seasons with prizes, nor payouts. We also will temporarily disable the Factions store, as we will work on revamping it to be further EULA compliance.

We are doing everything within our knowledge to make sure our server follows the EULA, and best-matches it.
We apologize for the abruptness of all this, but we are forced to do this to ensure we are compliant with the Minecraft EULA and so PikaNetwork can be unblacklisted.

(We may make further changes as we communicate with Mojang to get PikaNetwork unblacklisted as soon as possible.)

Now, what does this mean for all of you, faction players?

  • You can no longer purchase ranks, /gkits, or any other item/perks for our Factions gamemode.
  • Rank are NOT changing for now, and you will keep your rank you have purchased.
    (We may change the perks related to those packages to be EULA compliant, we are still waiting on replies from Mojang what needs to be changed)
  • We have no payouts running right now.
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