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Scanned Minigames Rebirth or Prestige command

This suggestion is currently under review. Please note that this does not guarantee it is going to be accepted. Also, note that the reviewing process may take a long time.


Nov 27, 2023
Minecraft username:

Rebirth or Prestige command​

Detailed description:
After reaching level 100 in minigames could be the introduction of a "Prestige" system or "Rebirth" system. Here's how it could work:

  1. Prestige System: Upon reaching level 100 in a minigame, players have the option to "prestige" or "rebirth" by using /prestige or /rebirth. This resets their level back to 1 but adds a star behind or infront of their name including the number of prestige and grants them special rewards or benefits to signify their accomplishment.
  2. Rewards and Benefits: Each time a player prestiges, they could earn exclusive cosmetic items, titles that are only available to prestige players. These rewards could include unique particle effects, special chat prefixes to showcase their prestige status.
  3. Increased Difficulty or Challenges: Prestiging could also unlock harder difficulty levels or new challenges within the minigame, providing experienced players with fresh content and goals to strive for.

This system not only recognizes and rewards players for their hard work and skill but also adds an element of progression and challenge, keeping the minigame experience exciting and rewarding even for long-time players. It's a great way to enhance the overall gameplay experience on the server.

•This will create more competition among players and will result in overall growth of the server.

•This will help the server to bring about a new update for minigames which has not been done for a long period of time.