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Problem connecting and keeping inventory

May 8, 2022
I've seen a thread of a guy with the same problem (to an extent).
Yesterday I connected to the server and entered in survival. I was in the resource world for god knows how long in a mine shaft collecting things. I was packed (normal inventory AND a shulker box full) and when I /home I was kicked to the main lobby, couldn't connect back to survival and today I tried again and I lost everything I had on me.

Another problem is the player stores. Every day I go to my shops, spend adv gems and then go to spawn and they don't show up there, therefore no one buys and i make no money. I've double-checked and they say they are advertised but they don't show up regardless. This all seems to be problems with syncing, and all of this f**** up the progress. I spend hours grinding just for it to be erased bc it didn't sync. I've levelled up and I got no rewards, I've levelled up the clan (spent exp and money) and got no rewards. it's tiring and makes me wanna quit


Pika Lover
Sep 11, 2022
yea this seems to be a very common issue on survival. ive even tried myself to log in, and it says u can only use versions 1.14-1.18! (which i understand), so i switched to 1.14, that didnt work. switched to 1.15, that didnt work either. i dont play survival so it isnt an issue for me, i was only looking to trade keys. but i can imagine as a survival player that can be super frustrating, especially losing ur inventory… maybe look at the replies on the other guys thread for further ideas! if it continues to not work i’d recommend making a suggestion or contacting a staff member. (: - bratphobic