Mar 4, 2017
I have been getting a lot of replies from staff saying "you will have to be patient". I am honestly tired of this. Prison was down for almost a year now (Beginning of July, 2019). I have been nothing but patient. I am probably the only one that's currently waiting for prison to be back now that all og's moved on. I'd like to remind myself that I have been a pika-network player since 2014 and I never stopped playing prison from 2014, but now that point is invalid. I still don't know why I am supposed to wait any longer. Even when prison comes back which is still in like months, because it seems that they reset skyblock, added minigames, now they're resetting op skyblock. I am not even playing pika-network, and I don't bother to join it, but I log on to the forums each day to see if prison is yet announced. At this point, they may even be considering a prison set after skyblock resets at least 2 times, factions resets at least like 5 times, and so on. I've also heard that factions is going to be resetting, which has been reset after prison was still shut down. And even when prison is back, it will still probably be trash, and I'd waited all that time for nothing because of the new owner that only cares about Jartex, already bought another server that I used to play on and ruined it. Now that he bought the server, he will probably turn this prison into Jartex related prison, as he already basically copied kit pvp from jartex and put it on pika-network with only a different map. The last thing that I want, and any other prison og that still plays this (which is probably only me by now) is the jartex owner ruining prison.