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Helpful Practice Guide

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Jul 22, 2020
Practice Guide

Practice is a PvP gamemode in which players duel and compete with each other. This thread will explain all there is to know about Practice.


Various commands can help you enhance your Practice experience. Most (if not all) of them are listed below:
  • /duel <name> - Sends a duel (1v1) request to the specified player.​
  • /spectate <name> (/spec <name>) - Spectates a specified player's match if they are in one.​
  • /unranked - Opens an Unranked queue menu.​
  • /ranked - Opens a Ranked queue menu.​
  • /stats [name] (/elo [name]) - Provides you with statistics of the specified player. If no name is specified, it will show your statistics.​
  • /rank [name] - Provides you with someone's ELO rank. If no name is specified, it will show all available ranks and your current ELO rank.​
  • /party - See all party-related commands.​
  • /ping [name] - Shows you another player's ping.​
  • /customkit - Edit your custom kit which you can use when dueling players.​
  • /2v2unranked - Only works when in a party - Opens an Unranked 2v2 menu.​
  • /2v2ranked - Only works when in a party - Opens a Ranked 2v2 menu.​
  • /tps - This shows you the server's TPS. Lower TPS = more lag, so be careful when queuing Ranked!​
  • /settings - Opens a menu with a lot of useful settings for you to configure.​
  • /chatcolor - Silver, Gold, and Diamond only - Changes your chat color.​
  • /nightvision (/nv) - Silver, Gold, and Diamond only - Toggles on/off the Night Vision effect.​
  • /events - Gold and Diamond only - Opens the event creation menu.​

Ranked matches are the same as regular (Unranked) matches, but they give you certain points: ELO. ELO is supposed to indicate your skill in a certain Practice mode. Every player has separate ELO for each mode (Nodebuff, Build UHC, Soup, Sumo, etc). The arithmetic mean of all your mode-specific ELO's is your global ELO and it indicates your ELO rank. You can see all ELO ranks and how much ELO they require by typing /rank in-game.

How to get/lose ELO?

You can get ELO by winning Ranked matches, and you can lose it by losing Ranked matches.
If you win against a player who has more ELO than you, you will get more ELO than you would get when you win against someone who has lower/the same ELO as you. The same applies to losing - if you lose to someone who has lower ELO than you, you will lose more elo than you would lose when you lose against someone who has higher/the same ELO as you.

How do I know how much ELO will I get if I win against a specific opponent?

Here are two tables explaining that:

Amount of ELO you have more than your opponentELO change if you winELO change of your opponent if you win
0 (same ELO)+8-8

Amount of ELO you have less than your opponentELO change if you winELO change of your opponent if you win
0 (same ELO)+8-8

If you want to know how much ELO will you lose if you lose against a certain opponent, just put your opponent into your perspective and apply the values from the two tables above.

How does the queue system work?

Every 12 seconds, your ELO search range will increase by 50 in both directions (positive and negative). The same applies to everyone else, so when two players' ELO search ranges match, they will duel.

Kit Editor

The Kit Editor is a very useful feature that makes you able to rearrange the order of items in your inventory in a certain gamemode. Use the /kiteditor command to get started, then select which mode's kit you want to edit. Rearrange the items in your inventory as you wish, then save and load your kit by using the anvil in front of you. Right-click the door and you're all set!


If you want to play with your friend(s), you can right-click the 3rd slot in your hotbar or type /party create. This will create a party. You can invite your friends to the party by typing /party invite <their name>. They will have to accept the invitation if they want to play with you.

You can play Ranked or Unranked 2v2 matches when in a party, or you can simply fight other parties or host a party FFA by using the /party fight command.

Donator Ranks

There are 3 donator ranks you can buy on Practice: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. You can buy them from the PikaNetwork store. Their perks are listed below:

  • 120 ranked matches
  • Access to some chat colors (/chatcolor)
  • Access to the /nightvision command
  • Acess to the /nick command
  • Access to all chat colors (/chatcolor)
  • Ability to host events (/events)
  • Ability to host a public party everyone can join
  • All of the Silver rank perks
  • 250 ranked matches
  • Ability to toggle whether you want to see other players' chat messages or not in /settings
  • Ability to use bold (&l), italic (&o), underline (&n), and strikethrough (&m) in your /nick
  • All of the Gold rank perks

As previously mentioned, every player with a Gold or Diamond rank can host events. There are many kinds of events, and they are:
  • Brackets: A 1v1 tournament with a selected kit. This event doesn't have a starting cooldown. Brackets commands:
    • /brackets join - Makes you join a Brackets event that's about to start.
    • /brackets leave - Makes you leave a Brackets event.
    • /brackets start <mode> - Starts a Brackets event. Example: /brackets start builduhc.
    • /brackets stop - Stops a Brackets event
    • /brackets kick <name> - Kicks a specified player from a Brackets event.
  • Sumo: The same as Brackets, but in Sumo mode. Automatically starts. This event has a 1-hour cooldown for starting. Sumo commands:
    • /sumo join - Makes you join a Sumo event.
    • /sumo leave - Makes you leave a Sumo event.
  • LMS (Last Man Standing): An event where everyone spawns on a random place in an arena. The last player alive wins. LMS commands:
    • /lms join - Makes you join an LMS event.
    • /lms leave - Makes you leave an LMS event.
    • /lms start <mode> - Starts an LMS event. Example: /lms start soup.
    • /lms stop - Stops an LMS event.
    • /lms kick <name> - Kicks a specified player from an LMS event.
  • KoTH (King of The Hill): An event where players get split into two teams. Their objective is to capture the capture point which is located on the top of the hill. The first team that has their player cap the capture point for 5 minutes wins the event. KoTH commands:
    • /koth join - Makes you join a KoTH event.
    • /koth leave - Makes you leave a KoTH event.
    • /koth start <mode> - Starts a KoTH event. Example: /koth start axepvp.
    • /koth stop <mode> - Stops a KoTH event.

Cosmetics are a cool way for you to style on your opponents. Some of them can be bought with points. You can obtain points from crates and by winning Ranked matches. Cosmetics and their explanations are listed below:
  • Victory messages (can be obtained from crates and bought with points). When having a victory message equipped, a message will be announced in the chat. You can configure your kill messages with the /killmessages command.
  • Chat colors (can be obtained from crates and by having a donator rank). They change the color of your text in the chat. You can open the chat color menu by using the /chatcolors command.
  • Bow effects (can be obtained in crates and bought with points). They are special effects following your arrows when having a bow effect equipped. You can access them by using the /boweffects command.
  • Tags (purchasable from the store, can be obtained from crates and bought with points). They are suffixes displayed in the chat. You can see them by using the /tags command.

All right, the information part of this thread is done. Now I will focus on explaining some things and giving some tips for some of the most played Practice modes and how can you improve in them:

  • Drink a fire resistance potion at the beginning and drink speed regularly. I suggest you drink a speed potion around 10 seconds before your speed effect expires.
  • Try to count your and your opponent's potions so you know when you are winning and when you're losing.
  • Don't miss your potions. Throw them straight ahead of you and run into them - that's how they will heal you the most.
  • Don't let your opponent knock you away from the potion you have thrown or you might get quick-dropped.
  • A healing potion will usually heal around 4 hearts, meaning you shouldn't pot if you're not below 6 hearts of health.
Build UHC
  • Keep in mind the following:
    • A golden apple will heal 2 hearts and give you 2 absorption hearts if you previously didn't have any absorption hearts.
    • An arrow from a fully charged bow will deal 1 heart of damage.
    • A normal hit with a sword will deal 1 heart of damage.
    • A critical hit with a sword will deal 1 and a half hearts of damage.
    • When set on fire, you will take 5 and a half hearts of damage before the fire vanishes if you don't water yourself.
  • Having a mod that displays how many arrows you have can be really helpful in a bow fight.
  • Use lava when your opponent is close to a wall and place it on the top block so it's harder for them to escape.
  • Try to immediately place water on the lava block when someone puts lava on you. If you do it quickly enough, you will take almost no damage.
  • Building 3 high and 2 wide with blocks will defend you from any arrows flying to you from one direction.
  • Pre-gapping (eating a golden apple right when the match starts) can be very helpful in some situations as you will be getting 2 additional absorption hearts.
  • Try to use a fishing rod as much as you can in melee fights so you don't get stuck in a combo. Also, try to avoid your opponent's fishing rod.
  • When you get set on fire, water yourself as soon as possible.
  • Try to keep your aim on your opponent 100% of the time because if you get stuck in a 3-4 hit combo, you will most likely get knocked off.
  • W-tapping and S-tapping can help you deal way more knockback to your opponent.
A huge thank you to @0Mad0Max0, @Krekkers, and @Unawarely for helping me write this thread.
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