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Important NOTICE - Boosting Value & Minimum Prices

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Jun 17, 2022
NOTICE - Boosting Value & Minimum Prices

This thread covers everything there is to know about the 'boosting value' rule.

Before we start...
  • Due to all the recent confusion, we are going to hand out verbal warnings for minor offences. Note that this is purely at our discretion and if you get struck immediately while someone else receives a verbal warning instead, there is a reason for that, so don't use it as an argument to support your claim.
  • This thread is subject to change at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check it regularly to see if anything changes.
  • If you feel like something written here should be changed, please suggest it HERE.
  • While we don't strictly disallow some actions, we clearly label them here as something you shouldn't do. Failing to follow that might get you punished.
  • If you get punished for boosting/sharing value, your disqualification is permanent throughout the whole season.
  • Other disqualifiable actions which are not listed here are purely at your own risk.
What is boosting value?
Boosting value is an act of using shady or forbidden ways to increase your island's value. This results in a disqualification from the Island Top competition. Below, you can see what is allowed and what is not. Note that some items have minimum prices for which you can sell them, so going lower might get you punished.
  • Buying realms e-ores for lower than their value¹ - Disallowed
  • Selling spawners/mines world ores for a low price¹ - Disallowed
  • Gifting mining backpacks/special ability pickaxes - Disallowed
  • Gifting sell wands/head wands/crystal wands - Disallowed
  • Gifting spawners/currencies/realms e-ores - Disallowed
  • Using gkits that are proven not to belong to you or anyone from your island - Disallowed
  • Making a public grinder² - Disallowed
  • Selling gkits/ranks for Pika gold or gift cards - Use at your own risk³
  • Selling spawners for Pika gold or gift cards - Use at your own risk³
  • Trading any type of currency - Allowed
  • Trading gsets/PvP items - Allowed
¹ Certain items have specific values attached to them which competitive players are expected to follow. Read further to find out the exact values of each item. Note that going below them may get you punished.

² A public grinder is an area where players can teleport to kill mobs from your spawners so you can get the loot from them. Competitive players are not allowed to profit in this way and you can get punished for making such a grinder.

³ When selling gkits or spawners for Pika gold or gift cards, contact a member of Team SkyBlock before conducting the trade and make sure they are online to middleman it. This means that you are going to give them the items before receiving the gold. After you receive the gold, you are going to provide a full-screen screenshot of the received gold to the staff member and they will give you the items if everything goes according to plan. Please ask a member of Team SkyBlock if you have further questions about this. We strongly discourage pursuing these trades without a Team SkyBlock staff member to middleman your trade as it can result in a misunderstanding and a punishment for boosting value.

Minimum prices for mines world ores (per one ore)
  • Aquamarine: $1.4 million OR 700 experience
  • Jade: $1.4 million OR 700 experience
  • Opal: $2 million OR 1k experience
  • Ruby: $1.1 million OR 550 experience
  • Sapphire: $700k OR 350 experience
  • Silver: $350k OR 175 experience
  • Topaz: $550k OR 175 experience
  • Tourmaline: $200k OR 100 experience
  • Enchanted Crystals: $15 billion OR 7.5m experience
Minimum prices for non-enchanted spawners
  • Blaze: $5 million OR 5k experience
  • Cow: $150k OR 75 experience
  • Creeper: $7.5 million OR 4k experience
  • Enderman: $700k OR 350 experience
  • Ghast: $30 million OR 15k experience
  • Guardian: $400k OR 200 experience
  • Iron golem: $12.5 million OR 6.25k experience
  • Magma cube: $550k OR 275 experience
  • Mushroom cow: $160k OR 80 experience
  • Pig: $100k OR 50 experience
  • Pigman: $17 million OR 8.5k experience
  • Sheep: $120k OR 60 experience
  • Silverfish: $20 million OR 10k experience
  • Skeleton: $150k OR 75 experience
  • Slime: $1.5m OR 750 experience
  • Spider: $120k OR 60 experience
  • Squid: $300k OR 150 experience
  • Villager: $25 million OR 12.5k experience
  • Witch: $450k OR 225 experience
  • Zombie: $150k OR 75 experience

This also includes spawner bundles. However, this does not include spawners that are not in /shop since they don't add to the island value. As for experience-related trades, stick to the following:
  • 1 experience = $2000 (in value)
So if you wish to sell a sheep spawner (worth $120k) for experience, you should sell it for 60 experience.

Minimum prices for enchanted spawners (per one enchanted spawner)
  • Blaze: $2.5 billion OR 1.25 million experience
  • Cow: $75 million OR 37.5k experience
  • Creeper: $3.75 billion OR 1.875 million experience
  • Enderman: $350 million OR 175k experience
  • Ghast: $15 billion OR 7.5 million experience
  • Guardian: $200 million OR 100k experience
  • Iron golem: $6.25 billion OR 3.125 million experience
  • Magma cube: $275 million OR 137.5k experience
  • Mushroom cow: $80 million OR 40k experience
  • Pig: $50 million OR 25k experience
  • Pigman: $8.5 billion OR 4.25 million experience
  • Sheep: $60 million OR 30k experience
  • Silverfish: $10 billion OR 5 million experience
  • Skeleton: $75 million OR 37.5k experience
  • Slime: $750 million OR 375k experience
  • Spider: $60 million OR 30k experience
  • Squid: $150 million OR 75k experience
  • Villager: $12.5 billion OR 6.250 million experience
  • Witch: $225 million OR 112.5k experience
  • Zombie: $75 million OR 37.5k experience
⁴ You must sell/buy your spawners and mines world ores for a higher price than the prices listed above. We also strongly discourage trading Spawners using Mobcoins or souls.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of Team SkyBlock.
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