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Minecraft Prisons Servers: 5 Tips And Tricks

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Credit: Pika Network Prisons
Although a simple concept, Prisons is a game mode that has evolved for years. Servers have been taking development and ideas to the next level, bringing in new features every season. If you are a returning player or even a current Prisons player, it may be difficult to get started; that is why we are here today to present 5 tips and tricks to help your Prisons experience.

1) Take Advantage Of Public Private Mines

Credit: Pika Network Prisons
Mines can often get very crowded, making it difficult to find blocks to mine. Higher ranked or more experience players tend to invest in private mines, which provides complete privacy and exclusivity. However, when private mine owners are not using their mines, they open them up to the public. These public private mines can be accessed with the following command:
/pmine list
Although the private mine owners can set taxes, some of these mines have the best selling prices on the server. Make sure to calculate if mining in these public private mines are worth it by checking your sell message.

2) Stay Occupied While Mining

Credit: Pika Network Discord Server
Do you find it boring when mining? It is definitely a grind, and carrying out the same process of mining could get very burdensome. Many experienced Prisons players have responded to this issue by listening to podcasts or watching movies while mining. Podcasts are very effective as players can simply listen while watching a movie could get distracting.
Another option could be getting in a call with other miners. Pika Network’s Discord server has public voice channels where players can join anytime to get into a call. The Discord server is fairly active with staff members on watch at all times.
Pika Network Discord Server: https://discord.gg/pikanetwork

3) Never Underestimate Backpacks

Credit: Pika Network Prisons
Backpacks are essential because it allows players to store more blocks while mining. The trip between the bottom of the mine to the Iron Golem (the selling merchant NPC) takes a lot of time and energy. That trip could be taken less with larger backpacks, being able to mine for longer periods of time.
Players seem to focus on upgrading their pickaxes rather than their backpacks. This is because backpack upgrades tend to be a bit expensive compared to short-term pickaxe upgrades. However, it is important to take long-run investments into consideration. Larger backpacks allow for longer mining sessions, eventually bringing in more income.

4) Explore The Spawn Area

2022-05-26_22.15.10 (1).png
Credit: Pika Network Forums
The spawn area for Prisons is the most helpful area for newcomer players. Aside from the jaw dropping builds, the spawn area always has helpful NPCs and holograms with essential information about the latest features.
For example, if you want to learn more about the extensive mine suit system on the server, head over to spawn by using the following command:
Then, look for the NPC that says “Mine Suits” on top of it. All of these NPCs are fully equipped with helpful information and clean GUIs to guide beginner players as well. You can learn about unique and exclusive features of the Prisons server by simply exploring the spawn area.

5) Renovate Your Cell

Credit: Pika Network Prisons
Did you know that you can completely remove the default cell castle and design your own cell? Although the default cell build is very well-built, it is no surprise that your cell can be renovated into a much more efficient design.
Drugs are a huge feature in the Prisons server with a chance to earn cash and boosters. By renovating your cell with layers of farm-able land, you can make it an effective area to farm drugs instead of keeping the default cell build.

Server IP: play.pika-network.net
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