Life Lesson #2

Jan 2, 2017

Confrontation, its a small word but many ways of doing it. It may be either confronting a friend about an issue, confrontations between two party about a certain debate, or in terms of love, confronting the one you like the most because you want to make things clear. You make the first move, as a person whom have desires, who can think for yourselves, who can decide and make things bend the way you want it to be.

A story to prove this (as evidence really because I really cant write these forum post if I didn't experience these kinds of things. [Note:Author]), A couple whom have been with each other for 3 years on and off. this recent happenings that the girl suddenly broke up because, reasons of "The feelings changed" or, "There's no more love", its Bull**** I know... Anyway, these past weeks the boy then got drunk and still loved the girl whom he has been with for 3 years, he then accidentally messaged the girl that he still loves her, that she was his life and inspiration in those years. C O N F R O N T A T I O N . From that happening the boy then confronted the girl of what is really in his mind, at the end there was closure.

Confronting a person can not be easy, it may take months, it may take years. From the story, it took me almost a year to confront the girl, it took me many times of thinking, crying over a simple and modest relationship that was ended in just a snap. I cannot give tips on these kinds of things because I am still exploring, and I don't believe that tips from others helps you to make a move because every person is different. Every person have different personalities based on what each others experiences and feelings. as said from the last forum post "Karma", its a decision that you make, its a decision that may change what you or others think about reality. You have your own journey, you have your own thoughts and feelings. It's your own life, so embrace it with confidence.