Life Lesson #1

Jan 2, 2017
Author's Note;

I kind of just wanted to share my insights and reflections in the daily to others, especially those whom are still experiencing they so called "Changes of Hormones" (Puberty stage where Mental Health issues can be a problem). This is just from all my experiences and all my opinions, feel free to debate or reply on me about what you think about the thread. This may be a learning experience for me or for you so please take it Seriously. I will be talking about SENSITIVE topics so please be warned if you are easily affected with social issues, go off the thread.

Once in a while, try to reflect on to yourself, its not bad to be ashamed of past memories but its needed to know how to change the actions happened in those memories for the better.

ps. Please leave a thumbs up for the thread if you like it. (Just to keep me going and motivated.). and feel free to share and suggest more topics, I'll try to self reflect and share my own reflection about it.



Karma, it may be true or just a superstition. Happens when either you've done good or you've done bad to someone else. Karma, basically its a so called payback by out subconsciousness that we've done bad; just like what our parents do to us, they either reward us for good deeds or punish us for what bad things we have done.​
A real life experience of this is when two couple has lived together and had 2 children, the wife then is frustrated with the husband because of certain reasons of not working well, laziness, being stubborn and such. The wife then left her husband for another man. They lived a happy and fruitful life for 13 years, a life that they never knew they would receive. the wife then bore 2 new handsome sons then, happenings just repeated itself. After 13 years, the wife became lonely because she was left by her new husband for another woman, the kids then affected by these and decided not to interfere (Issue for another thread).​
Karma, its a real thing. What we can do is that whenever we've done something to others, learn to accept, learn to say sorry, to say thank you, to say I love you to the person who you may no longer see. Karma will always hit, it may come to a time that we may not care about others but remember that there will always be someone there if you maintain that relationship with them. We learn to love, we learn to hate, we are just human beings, we make mistakes. no doubt, but we must learn from there and move on.​
Dec 29, 2018
Good thread!
I would love if you kept writing these!
May 22, 2018
Fun reading this, cool. Learned something kind of new today. ;p Something i would read again for sure.