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Scanned BedWars Kill Messages

This suggestion is currently under review. Please note that this does not guarantee it is going to be accepted. Also, note that the reviewing process may take a long time.


Mar 22, 2017

Kill Messages​

Detailed description:
Media Kill Message
Kill: <Player> caught in 4k by <You>, <Player> was boo'ed by <You>, <Player>fealt embarrassed in front of <You>.
Void: <Player> was ratio'd by <You>.
Bow: <Player> was blocked by <You>.
Final: <Player> was <Your> <number of finals>'th sucessful ratio. (XXX was YYY's 1484th succesful ratio)
Bed: <Bed> was cancelled by <You>

Radioactive Kill Message
Kill: <Player> was irradiated by <You>, <Player> fell to their death trying to escape <Your> radiation,
Void: <Player> was thrown into radioactive waste by <You>.
Bow: <Player> caught a lethal dose of radiation from <You>.
Silverfish/Golem: <Player> was killed by <Your> radioactive minion.
Bed: <Bed> was nuked by <You>.

Magic Kill Message
Kill: Player1 was the victim of <You>'s attempts at magic
Bed: Bed was suddenly intoxicated by P<You>
Final Kill: Player1 conclusively disappeared after trouble with <You>
Void Kill: Player1 was conjured into the void by <You>

Angry Kill Message
Kill: Player1 lost an argument to Player2 while typing
Bed break: Bed got ratio'ed by Player
Final Kill: Player1 broke his hand breaking his keyboard while losing to Player2
Void Kill: Player1 lost all their resources to Player2

Origami Kill Message
Kill: <Player> was folded into a crane by You
Kill: <Player> misstepped onto an origami floor, folded by <You>
Bow: <Player> was hit with a paper airplane, folded by <You>
Kill: <Player> was stapled to the ground by <You>
Bed:<Color> Bed was folded in half by <You>

Criminal Kill Message
Kill: <Player> got pickpocketed by <You>
Kill/Bow: <Victim> was hit by a dynamite explosion placed by <killer>
Bow: <Victim> was sniped by <killer>
Bed: <color> Bed was stolen by <bed breaker>

Police Kill Message
Kill: <Victim> was arrested by <killer>
Kill: <Victim> got hit with a baton from <killer>
Bow: <killer> had no choice but to kill <victim> with his pistol
Bed: <color> bed was turned into a 10-80 by <bed breaker>

Delicious Kill Message
[Player] was baked by [Player]
Kill: [Player] was drowned in the stew by [Player]
Bow: [Player] was hit with a baguette by [Player]
Colour's bed was cooked Rare / Medium rare / Well-Done by [Player]

Lightning Kill Message
Kill: player was electrocuted by you
Kill: Player was zapped by you
Bow: player was blasted with electricity from you
Bed: team’s bed was struck with lightning by you!​

Cause of the lack of Kill Messages​


dear sir you need to add more examples per kill message and bow show as i dont think they are enough proportional to amount of kill messages suggested


Epic Pika
May 6, 2021
+1 nice suggestion again, you could also link these kill message themes to the opsb help with the reset announcement since we're bored of getting the same fire kill message vouchers from mystery crates everytime. The kill messages can be modified based on Skyblock but the theme can be used on Skyblock such as media, police, angry, magic, etc.
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Great Reporter
Feb 5, 2022
These are Creative Kill messages,
Would like to use them one day!