Client Side Lag Fix

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Feb 20, 2016
Some of you Guys countered Lag? However this tutorial explains the easiest and quickest ways to reduce lag.

1.Optifine mod. This is generally the most effective and wide-known way to reduce lag. Optifine takes what your computer can do and uses it more efficiently. The point is, it makes your Minecraft run a lot more smoothly. and its easy to Download and here's the link

PS: i recommend to download the latest Optifine Verson.

2.performance settings. you choose not to get Optifine, press these in order: Escape - Options - Video Settings - Then where it says Performance change Balanced (If you are using default settings) to Max FPS. It will take more power from your computer but i will give the smoothness of your Minecraft and i recommend to Low Rinder Distance like 5/6.

3.Close other programs. if you are starting to Play Minecraft make sure that you close other programs that you don't need.

4.Reduce the settings. Here's some example if you really struggling to boost your FPS. All of these are found in Escape - Video Settings (These settings are only if you don't have optifine, if you do have Optifine you will get many more settings and i will recommend to do this.

-Render Distance - Normal,Small,Tiny (small or Normal Recommended)
-Clouds - Off
-Particles - Minimal
-Smooth Lightning - Minimum

This step is Recommended for people who are badly lagging with their old computer you may want to download "Razer Cortex". This program concentrates your computer's performance and ram to your minecraft. Here is the link -> This Gamebooster destroys all the possible tasks that are running except minecraft

This step will help your computer release the caged ram used in Skype. Skype uses alot of memory in your Computer to fully concentrate on its application. I recommend you unistalling Skype to you Computers. If you need Skype then skip this step.

Common Problems

1.Server lag. Sometimes when you are playing on a server you may experience a large amount of lag. This can be seen by lag backs (when you teleport backwords after moving) or block lag (when there is a delay from when you break the block and the item falls). If you usually get good frames per second, then this may be because it is the server that is lagging, not you. There is nothing you can do about this.

2.Texture Pack. a texture pack may cause some lag too, especially in the larger sized ones. Smaller sized texture packs are okay, but I suggest keeping it simple with the default texture pack. 4x4 and 8x8 packs might also reduce some lag. i recommend to use the Default Texture Pack if you are lagging Badly.

Credits to: Hideous for making this thread
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