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Helpful BedWars Guide

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Jul 22, 2020
BedWars Guide

BedWars is a team or solo PvP-based strategy game in which the objective is to be the last man standing. Every team has its own bed which they are supposed to protect, two shopkeeper NPCs that can be used to buy certain items or team upgrades, and a generator that spawns iron and gold ingots that are used to purchase some items.

Teams can fight with each other and break each other's beds. When your bed gets destroyed, you lose the ability to respawn, so if you die you will become a spectator. Your teammates (if you have them) can still win the game for you if you keep spectating. If all of your team members get eliminated (including you), your team will be eliminated from the game and the other teams will fight for the win without you.

BedWars can be played alone (Solo), in teams of 2 (Doubles), in teams of 3 (Triples), or in teams of 4 (Quadruples). In Doubles and Solo, there are 8 teams, while in Triples and Quadruples there are 4 teams competing for the win.


Here are some commands that can enhance your BedWars experience:
  • /bedwars-1 - Sends you (and your party) to a Solo BedWars game.
  • /bedwars-2 - Sends you (and your party) to a Doubles BedWars game.
  • /bedwars-3 - Sends you (and your party) to a Triples BedWars game.
  • /bedwars-4 - Sends you (and your party) to a Quadruples BedWars game.
  • /party - See all party commands.
  • /leave - Sends you to a BedWars lobby if you are in a BedWars game.
  • /nick <nickname> - Titan and Champion only - Disguises you a player that doesn't exist. You can only use the names that haven't been registered on the server for this command. If you want to configure your nick, use the /nick command. There you can edit your nick's level, rank, and name.
  • /unnick - Titan and Champion only - Removes your nickname.
  • /spectate <name> (/spec <name>) - Titan and Champion only - Sends you to the specific player's game as a spectator.

There are 4 kinds of materials on BedWars: iron ingots, gold ingots, diamonds, and emeralds.

Iron and gold ingots can be collected by standing in the generator every team's base has. Diamonds can be obtained by bridging to the diamond generators which are usually somewhere in between some of the teams' islands. They stack up to 9 per generator. You can get emeralds by bridging to the middle of the map. There will be 2 or 4 emerald generators waiting for you. They stack up to 3 or 4 per generator, depending on the map.

You can use iron ingots, gold ingots, and emeralds to purchase items from the shop NPC, and you can spend your diamonds on team upgrades at the upgrades NPC.

Team Upgrades

Team upgrades are upgrades for your team. They can be purchased from the upgrades NPC. All team upgrades are listed below:
  • Forge (max. lvl: 4) - Makes your generator spawn items faster. At level 3, it gets the ability to spawn emeralds.
  • Maniac Miner (max. lvl: 2) - Applies the Haste effect to all of your team members.
  • Sharpened Swords (max. lvl: 1) - Applies the Sharpness enchantment to all of your team's swords (excluding the ones in (ender) chests).
  • Reinforced Armor (max. lvl: 4) - Applies the Protection enchantment to all of your team's armor.
  • Heal Pool (max. lvl: 1) - Gives you and your team members the Regeneration effect when you're near your base.
  • Trap: Escape Room - Applies the Blindness effect to the first opponent that comes to your base for a few seconds.
  • Trap: Show Me Your Hands - Applies the Mining Fatigue effect to the first opponent that comes to your base for a few seconds.
Every team upgrade is permanent, except for traps. You will have to buy the traps again if you want to use them after someone triggered them.


Events are things that are happening at a certain time of the game. You can see the next upcoming event on the scoreboard, located on the right side of the screen. Events and their explanations are listed below:
  • Diamond Upgrade - Diamond generators will spawn diamonds faster when on a higher level. Every Diamond Upgrade will increase the level of every diamond generator on the map by 1.
  • Emerald Upgrade - Emerald generators will spawn emeralds faster when on a higher level. Every Emerald Upgrade will increase the level of every emerald generator on the map by 1.
  • Bed Destruction - All beds will be destroyed and all players will lose the ability to respawn.
  • Borders Moving - The border will slowly conquer the whole map, from the edges to the middle. In the end, there will only be a small space in the middle of the map where players can be.
  • Game End - The game will end. The team with more players alive will win.

Parties groups that can be easily created and that make you able to play BedWars with your friends.

To invite someone to the party, use the /party invite <name> command. The person who you invited should accept the party invite by clicking on the message that appeared in their chat if they want to play with you. After you finished inviting your friends and after they accepted your invite requests, you can join a game of BedWars and play with them.

To see all party-related commands, type /party.


Cosmetics change the appearance of certain parts of the game for you. However, they do not provide any advantages.

You can see all the cosmetics by right-clicking the 2nd slot in your hotbar while in a BedWars lobby. These cosmetics can be obtained by opening mystery boxes and some of them can be bought with coins. You can get the mystery boxes randomly from games or by doing certain quests, and you can obtain coins by (final) killing players and winning games.


Quests are tasks you can do to get certain rewards. These tasks can be seen by right-clicking the Quest Master NPC, which is located in every BedWars lobby. Every quest is unique and provides its own rewards. Hover over the quest to see its rewards and the tasks you need to do to complete the quest.

Note that you need the Champion rank to be able to do certain quests.

Thanks to @Hellific for helping me make this thread.
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